Beauty For Ashes

       The beauty of a morning, an hour, a moment – where I wholly feel the presence of God…are the words to describe such an inexpressible emotion? I felt Jesus today. With such realness, closeness and tenderness, that I broke in hunger and appreciation. He has never left me, yet I do not allow myself to feel His presence every hour and day I awake. What a travesty to my soul! His hand on mine, His empathetic sight into my very heart…I was awash with utter gratitude. I sat there, tears rolling down my cheeks, in awe of His mercy. His time merely to be near me, to say with His steady comfort “I Am. I Am here. I love you. Please let me stay and lift you up, walk alongside you, and lay the foundation for your feet. All is well. I want to know you. Let me.” 

   The sun is shining brilliantly today. I sat in the streaming warmth, coming through my window, singing His glory, melting my fears. I am about to take a walk, outside, allowing him to remain with me, hoping He shows me the beauty that surrounds me. That I may also see the beauty He is restoring in me – a daughter covered in ashes. Today, I see and taste in the richest of fare – trading all that I have, for all that is better. I achingly pray that I remain aware of all that is before me and within me. My Savior. The Lamb and The Shepherd. 

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