Cultivate in me a new soil. Where there is dissension, sow a love of unity; where there is scorn, sow instead compassion; where there is intolerance, sow patience and a thirst to investigate further; where there is doubt, please sow wisdom; where there is fear and timidity, sow the strength of your Spirit and the understanding (which I have yet to fathom) that I am Yours – wholly…for you desire my heart, my mind, my spirit, my soul. You created me unfiltered, without the smog of falsehood and twisted perceptions. You fashioned me to fit perfectly with You. My piece, setting into your glorious whole. Bring me back into the garden of perfected Love. Show me that my ways are dismal and misleading – You are my seed, my living water, my Giver of fruit, my vine. I languish apart from You. Teach me to abide – to dwell – to hold.

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