Wear the Name

        For the past couple of days, I’ve been reflecting on the name of God. More specifically, about taking ownership of His name — wearing it if you will. Inscribing Him on everything that I am and do, just as He inscribes me on every word and act he did. From the first dawn of Creation, to Jesus, the Son of God, living and walking the gravel paths of this world, to live and conquer death for me. He took my name, and has it in The Kingdom. What have I done for His name? Do I live as passionately for Him as Christ did for me? Do I proclaim my love for Him with every act of my hands and feet, with every syllable that passes my lips? He did. For me. He did! For me?

      I came back to something that was written for 91of10.com (which is no longer up online). My church’s exploration of 91 days soaking in the effectiveness and detail and meaning of the 10 commandments. This particular posting related to taking the Lord’s name in vanity. I was convicted of interpreting that commandment as actually wearing God’s name, or modeling His name, in vanity (not just speaking the words in wrongdoing). It was such a penetrating thought — there are many ways to misrepresent the glory of trueness of Christ. Of the Prince and of the King and of the Spirit. He is falsified enough – I do not need to add to that. I need to be declaring the Truth of His nature, His abundant love, His unalterable truth, His wholly atoning sacrifice.

There is much work to be done.

I could do so much better for My Maker.

           I will re-post the blog I wrote on this subject. If you’re anything like me, it’s something that needs to be revisited often and in deep study. Find out what it means to you – in your life. What it looks like to wear His name. How you represent Him. It’s the most powerful name (ALL the names for God) in the world. Great treasures of awareness. May I put it on in reverence, every day…and may I find forgiveness when I do so poorly.

(*written June 19th)
“The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He delights in his way. When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, because the LORD is the One who holds his hand.”
(Psalm 37:5)
There are an immensity of names attributed to God throughout the Bible. He has  incalculable ways in which He works through the lives of His children. For every way He has worked, rescued, directed, loved, instructed or provided for His people, there is a new name given in praise and adoration. It is the last mentioned, His provision, that I want to discuss further today. 

One of my favorite names for God was voiced by Abraham in Genesis, chapter 22 (specifically, verse 14). Jehovah-Jireh (or Yahweh-Yireh) translates into ‘the Lord who provides’ or more literally: ‘The Lord who will see to it’. This is a name which holds so much meaning. This description could be argued to be the very essence which leads us to the moment the LORD gave us His only Son. How more provisional can He be, than to give us the very footing, the everlasting foundation for which we are freely His? 
      Our relationship, our every moment’s ability to commune with Him, to be in His presence is because of this characteristic of God. Abraham recognized this in perhaps the most clarified of ways. Conceivably, it was Abraham who could give us this insight through his own calling of trust — of sacrifice of self and of what he held dearest. 
We are not to take the Lord’s name (any of His names) in vain. He spoke this affirmation to us, directly. As Rob unpacked for us on Sunday, (rather than the commandment mean merely ‘do not speak my name in vanity, in brashness’), this commandment could mean ‘do not take a hold of my name, do not wear or take ownership of my name in your life, in futility (emptiness)’? We, who have become His children — through belief and knowledge in what Christ did, who Christ is, and the knowledge of His resurrection — wear His very name in our lives. We present His characteristics to those who have yet to know him. Sometimes I forget this powerful task, this weighted privilege and truth. 
     Even in times where we do not particularly adorn this responsibility well (when our attitude about obstacles, annoyances or simple ‘bad days’ reflect our own imperfections instead of His ), we take on His name. For we are His, without pause, tremor or separation. 
  Oh the timidity when I look to how I’ve represented Him. Towards others, I am easily able to point out God’s undeniable provision, love, adornment and directed will. In the lives of others, I find it simple to help them see how they are wholly and dearly loved. I believe this with my very soul. Yet, to confess, when I must remind myself of where I fit in God’s love, how He is enthralled with me, and has intentional direction and use for my life…I tend to falter. I do not realize the Jehovah-Jireh for my life. 

I, in essence, say ‘There is a Lord who loves others, battles for their lives and souls, longs for a daily, deep relationship with them – which grows continually. Yet, somehow, I don’t qualify. I didn’t make the cut.’ 

     I am saying that His grace was sufficient for everyone…just not for me. This cuts me to my very soul, to admit. For I am taking my Father’s name in utter vanity. I am falsely epitomizing Him. The tragedy of this truth is heartbreaking. Yet, I concede to this because I know it is a blatant lie. I know the Truth, for I am His Daughter. His beloved, whom Jesus gave his life away for. The Evil One can contort what he wishes, he can distract my imperfect mind, embellish my fear and lay sticks of treachery for me to stumble upon. But guess what? When I fall, I will not be hurled headlong. Because the LORD God, the Great Provider, the One who will see that my every need is met, is the One who holds my hand. He holds my imperfect mind, my fears, my sin, my confusion and my sorrow. He provided for me a way to live in everlasting comfort, at His feet. He meets my every need. He is my Jehovah. 


And my brothers and sisters, He is yours too. Do not be distressed. Your steps are established. 

     Paul reminds the Romans, and so reminds us, that whatever our obstacles are, we overwhelmingly conquer them, through Him who loved us (Romans 8:37). We wear His name. Wear it with honor and joy. Do not wear it in emptiness, without authenticity. Do not live through lies or suffer the chains of falsehood while also claiming His truth

There is room for only one. 

     It is a command, yet it is also implored to us. God wishes us to know Him, and know Him well. He is sufficient. He gives us all we will ever need — this includes giving us His very self. He is at work in you. In me. What glory! To take this to heart, to hear this truth instead of feeble lies, will allow us to own God’s name in our lives, unabashedly – every day, to every man, woman and child. Oh how we are honored, how great the love lavished on us…for we are children of God.

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