So little time…

How I wish I were better at updating.

It is not for lack of thought or topic or lessons I’m immersed in every week, every day. It’s lack of time attended to something that I do deem important. I own up to a severe lack of self-motivation. Hugely identifiable character flaw here. This was a subject very recently discussed by a person who is incredibly insightful.

The short of the current situation, and subsequent neglect of this blog – is an internship I am partaking in. I have finished the first full week, and the 2nd of weekly meetings regarding it. One aspect of this internship, is the creation, cultivation, and success of a professional blog. I have started that, and am navigating a new blogging network (wordpress) as well as getting a taste for how I want it to look, how I can let that site be discoverable, etc. Through the class, we review one another’s blogs – giving tips, ideas, posing questions – all to help get us started. It is an initial process, and after we present, we’re on our own for the duration. I have yet to present mine to the class, but I have been taking pieces of my available time (after working two, minimum 8hrs devoted to internship assignments, and other studies) to improve that blog.

All that to say – there has been much going on in my mind, concerning topics that correlate to this, my personal blog. It’s mostly been about 1 Timothy, and the astounding study I’ve been amazing privilege to participate in, alongside wonderful facilitators (Michael and Martha Fletcher) and good friends. It’s incredibly rich in discussion, invokes hundreds of questions that no one is afraid to ask (love!), and above all – stretching of the mind, spirit and soul. I am so beyond thankful for this. And the things I’ve been uncovering in the Word astound me. This study has made me hunger for the Word in a way I dare say I haven’t before. Not in a very very long time at least. So when I make the time (for I know that is within my power), I would love to share with you what I’ve found so far. I would love MORE THAN THAT, to hear what you have to say. That would be best of all. I want to hear more from you.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for reading (all 3 or 4 of you?). I am more grateful than I can say – just knowing my words are bouncing off of someone’s ears.

It’s a wonderful thing, to feel heard. 
p.s. should you be curious about that professional site (it’s still in infant stages, I beg of you to remember), then go here: The Journey of a Story

1 Comments on “So little time…”

  1. Time is a crazy thing – but I love your observation that making time is within your power. I think everyone I know falls victim to this. Thanks for your honesty and wisdom – and good luck. 🙂


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