“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” (Psalm 27:14)

Oh to wait…to be subject to something so unknown – the timing and ways of My Father.

I’m a person, who happened to come to Christ early in life. I didn’t stray too far, or delve too deep into rebellious stages. I didn’t do everything right, by any means at all. There are littered mistakes in the miles behind me. Yet I stayed semi-near to the line of faith. I didn’t have Job, Jonah, Jeremiah or David moments of despair and wonder at the presence of God or the reality of Him.

But recently – I’ve been so much closer. I’ve recognized anger.
I’ve named it during times of intense misunderstanding, confusion, questioning of His purpose, direction, timing and voice. The reality is that I do not know His plans at all. I know NOTHING of Him or His will for my life that He has not chosen to make evident to me. Be it through His indwelling Spirit, His presence through the lives of my family and friends, through His Word…however He desires to reveal himself to me, those are the only knowings I have of Him. So that which I do not understand – I wait for Him to explain or open my eyes to. I know He doesn’t have to, but I believe He wants me to seek. He doesn’t mind the questions, the realness and truth of my emotion – coming to Him in declaration. He doesn’t shy away from our outcries. See Psalms, see Lamentations, see Nehemiah. He is not the impatient overseer, stomping his foot and scoffing at our mere questioning of Him. He LISTENS. Patiently. Delighting in our raw honesty – displaying our insides for Him to see. He DELIGHTS in it. How strange a phenomenon is that? It is to me.
He never shushed David or Jeremiah or Solomon. He wanted their questions and distractions and valleys and rocky walk with Him to be recorded so that we may know – that we too may present ourselves – unabridged.

…There’s more to unpack here. So much more…but for now – these are the beginnings of thought. What do you think? I don’t want to hear myself blabber. I want to engage in conversation on what this all means to you.

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