My 12 New Things

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My friend Danielle challenged me and some more friends to join her in this quest. She follows this blog above (and I mention I am now a fellow follower too, as well as of (In)courage, an amazing site I found through the Warm Cup of Coffee blog!) and the author of this particular post, Sarah, decided to indulge her adventure side and challenge herself 1 new thing to try/accomplish/complete every month for a year. What an undertaking! When I got the email from Danielle, I admit I was VERY intimidated, but I also can’t turn down a wonderful opportunity for some adventure of my own. So here I am, jumping on this journey. I really encourage you to do the same. Click on the link right under the picture, the instructions are there, and you can see Sarah’s list, which started it all. Follow Danielle, Elyse, and Kristin, some other friends of mine who are pushing up our sleeves and diving in. It’ll be an interesting ride, I can predict. If you decide to join us, let me know! Make a comment, leave your site’s url and I’ll be sure to mention you so we can all support one another. 

August: Overcome a fear. Learn how to trust. (This may be cheating a little. I actually put something I’ve already done this month. August is almost over, so I thought it could work. I just accomplished something I never thought I’d do. I got up the courage a few months back to approach my church’s youth pastor, and ask if there would be room on the speaking schedule for me. I am an outgoing, pretty loud person already – but getting up in front of a crowd as just myself “teaching”, is something that highly intimidates me and always has. I volunteer with the youth but serving in other ways is more my strong suit, rather than getting on a stage and teaching the word in that format. By the GRACE of God, this past Sunday was my run, and He showed up and gave me courage. You’d have to ask the youth how they think it went, how it was received because they would know best, but I check it off as something new, because I stepped beyond a fear, with God’s urging and guidance, and saw How mighty He is to provide. I am so blessed.)

September: Learn the piano. I’ve fiddled for years, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I want to know – both hands, serious playing and setting down to finally do it. (Might be looking for a tutor!)

October: Learn how to knit. (I bought supplies last year, and tried for a week or two. I want to finish what I started and stick to it until I can do it!)

November: Make my very first Turkey. Full turkey and trimmings, no spiral cut business. I’ve never tried the all-day cooking a full turkey. It’s about time I try.

December: Finish my children’s book. It’s been sitting in my computer for years. It’s my dream. I need to stop making excuses and start taking purposeful steps to becoming a published author.

January: Learn how to write/edit HTML code. (I know this may seem like an odd one, but it’s a beneficial skill to have and one I need to learn for many tasks I’m already undertaking.)

February: Try skiing for the first time. I tried snowboarding almost 2 years ago (not the best at it!), but I’ve never strapped on skis. Cross country or downhill – I just need to try it and not be afraid of breaking something. 🙂

March: Learn how to sew using a sewing machine (I copied this from Danielle, because I too have been really wanting to know how to sew!) I don’t even sew a button well. I don’t know stitching or sewing. Time to change that. 

April: Attend a writer’s workshop. Either on location somewhere or online (virtual). Time to get serious!

May: Make a gourmet, 4 course meal for 6-8 friends (or more). All dishes I’ve never made before. 

June: Take a sailing lesson/learn how to sail. This could be an expensive one to try – but I have almost a year to save or find a creative way to accomplish this. Maybe convince my New England pro friends to take me out for a spin. 

July: Take a drawing class. I want to learn how to charcoal or draw. Not paints (though that would be great too), but for now – learning the basics of drawing and sketching. 

These were hard to think of! I hope you can help hold me accountable to these. And I would love to be able to do that for you. Let me know if you would like to join us for this endeavor. It will be eye-opening, challenging beyond belief, and a complete blast to do. 

Each month, on the last Friday of the month, I’ll let you know of the final outcome of that “new skill”. I’m sure I’ll write about it throughout the month, if there’s something interesting to add, but each “Final Friday” I’ll commit to owning up to how everything has gone for that task. Thanks for reading and I wish you the best as you find your 12!

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