Unclenching and Ever-changing

A brief update on my current experiment. Today marks Day 4 of my 1st week to cut back my coffee intake. Happily, only my 1st cup was had this morning! And I am happy that a trip to Dunkin Donuts with the Mitchell kids later in the day, did not tempt me. I did not get any coffee there! My one cup was made at the house this morning. I’m pretty excited that I went 3 days without even my 1st of 4 allowed this week. It didn’t seem too difficult – yet I know that won’t last, the euphoria of seeming ease. So I am powering through. Tea has been my substitution, and I’ve discovered a way where it won’t affect me as much either. Win-win. 
So don’t expect to have to turn into this lady anytime soon, or ever again if we’re being honest. 🙂

Speaking of honest –

I just read the new (In)courage post for today. It was written by Heather, who is a reoccurring writer for (In)courage. Aptly named, “Honest” is a raw, brief insight into being real, unashamed, forthcoming with God. He can take it – have you heard that before? Because it’s not a rumor. It’s sheer fact. He doesn’t flinch when we come at Him with all our emotions. You want to know something really radical? He listens instead. He remains there, taking tear by tear, scream by scream, blow by blow. Have you ever met a person in your life who can take all the crap you can dish out without being at least a little scarred, effected, hurt? I haven’t and I believe it’s safe to say I never will. I know I haven’t been that person for others either. I venture to say we’re unable to overcome that type of response, at least in the worst of circumstances – because we’re human. We’re fallible. But there is a fortress of infallibility constantly standing guard around us. Our God is big enough. He’s standing there saying “Come to me with ALL you have. I will not fold beneath it. I will take you in my arms, hear all of your heart, and soothe the deepest of cuts”. 

Can you even fathom that?
Even as I write it, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around everything He is capable of. 
I just wanted to share that post from Heather with you. If you click the first link, it takes you to her post (I highly recommend you watch the video at the end of the post as well!). When you click on the link with her name, it takes you to her personal blog. I have not had the pleasure of reading her site, but I plan to. There are so many amazing writers for (In)courage. I guarantee, once you go there once, you’ll be enamored and hooked. That is what happened for me. 
Today’s post was supposed to hold more, I was going to talk about more that I want to change in my life. Yet I think I’ll save that for another day. Ending here is the best. The truth of who God is, is enough to digest for now. That is never-ending – His list of characteristics. This was just one. 

1 Comments on “Unclenching and Ever-changing”

  1. My title for this post, to note, may seem odd. I had a topic ready to discuss, which would have allowed the words to be applicable. However, I (as stated at the close) decided to leave it be. Perhaps I should have changed the title, saved it for when I do bring up such topics as originally intended, but for whatever reason, I didn't think of it. So stay tuned, and you'll soon see why the words “unclenching and ever-changing” represent the thoughts of my mind quite enormously.


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