Do Re Mi…

Sat down at the keyboard today.

     Let’s just say I have a long way to go. 🙂 But I will get there. “Music of the Night” is in the beginning stages. And “The Notebook” Original score — we’ll see.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. It came after the over-amped “alarm” that was Hurricane Earl. Thankfully, Earl zigged right instead of zagging left, and Massachusetts was left relatively unchanged. Thanks for the state of emergency though Mr. Governor and Mr. President. It shows you care.

I spent the day doing things I should. Enjoying the weather, being outside, cleaning and reading. I think sitting outside cafes, on tables with a blue-sky view and free wifi streaming away, is something I could see myself getting addicted to. Follow that up with a towel, a book,and the breeze in the park, and I’m happy-relaxed.

The rundown of my day (out-of-order as it was), was brought to you by the peaceful state of mind I can only expect from such a Saturday. And no, I didn’t even have coffee today. 🙂

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