Coffee Break, day 14

Two weeks have passed since I first declared “decreased coffee!”

I gave myself a 4-a-week limit to cups-o-joe. And I’ve been successful! The 1st week, I only had 3. And yesterday, if you count the decaf cup at night, I then technically had 4. Yet safe to say, 3 seems like good new goal. So my new limit has lessened by one, and 3 is the new magic number. I don’t think it’ll be too difficult.

On pondering this whole ‘tea > coffee’ for my caffeine intake, I realize that making a declaration that I will cut out coffee permanently from my system, is dubious. Because if I give myself that goal then I’ll be in for a let down if I ever end up having a family, because I don’t think I could get through the first few years of children and sleepless nights without a little help from my friends (or other relatives of the same wonderful bean family). So my goal is not to eradicate coffee forever. For my backing off from the often 2-a-day cup, was for my poor frazzled internal organs, who weren’t handling it well. Since a very young age, my stomach has shown that it’s a bit fragile and quirky – so I want to be more delicate because the pain isn’t worth it in the end. I can supplement tea, for that’s delightful in the same, and much lower quantities of that legalized drug.

These may seem like unorganized ramblings without much purpose. But then again, I only had one cup of Earl Grey this morning, and I’ve kept my mind busy. It might be in a system overload right about now. 🙂 Have a wonderful week. September is in full swing.

So I leave with a question, what is something you couldn’t possibly see giving up for life? It’s a broad question, so have fun with the answers.

2 Comments on “Coffee Break, day 14”

  1. It's funny your timing on this post. Got invited to go out get coffee with a few co-workers, have been thinking about cutting down myself. After I finished it opened up my Google reader and read your post.
    I've thought about moving to a strictly tea caffeine regimen. A few years ago I always got tea and it worked quite well. Although there are few teas that can pack the punch that a good espresso or bold coffee can.
    As for dropping other things, I would love to drop cable television. It seems unrealistic to give up TV as a whole, but I could realistically see myself just using TV for movies or streaming internet content too. Which are intentional things I want to watch. I feel that cable really serves as a time waster for me.


  2. Cable! A good one to think of. I haven't had cable in forever, merely because I can't afford it and I've rarely the time to sit at watch programs. Though honestly, I do love, and that does permit me to take in a program now and then. When I had cable, my vice?? TLC. A friend and I loved a couch, coffee, and some TLC viewing back in college. haha

    And how funny on timing.


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