Backup Sunrise

I made a plan, checked information, and counted on that plan.
Then it had to be diverted…

I woke at 4:45am , hopped in the car at 5am, and set out on the road. 
Sunrise was scheduled at 6:18am. lied to me
When the sky transformed black to blue at 5:30, I realized it would be best to wait for my original plan. So instead, I used a back up. I turned around, headed back to Lowell, and drove to the Merrimack. By then, the blue became more diverse colors and the Sun began its post.

I had borrowed a camera from my gracious friend, so I have some photographic proof of today’s beautiful beginning. I’ll post a few here. The rest can be found on my shutterfly site, with a selection on my Flickr as well.  

Enjoy a Lowell Sunrise…
(P.s. if you click on a picture, your browser should open it in another tab, bigger so you can see more detail if desired.)

The falls near Pawtucket St. I came here first, before the Sun came full force.

Since there wasn’t a flash, it blurs the picture a bit, but these
are the same falls, different perspective.

Rowers getting prepared. I saw a couple of teams and individuals
taking advantage of a beautiful, brisk morning. 
It begins…laying itself over the river.

The Western portion of the sky. Even after the Sun was up,
it reflected in this gorgeous lavender and pale blue. That’s
one of the rowing teams at the bottom.

Lastly, I’ll give you one of the “bird” pictures. I am so thankful for the camera, as it 
could take wonderful shots with multi-purpose settings. 

I ended up shooting over 200 pictures without knowing it! 🙂 Not all of them I’m keeping (blurry, multiple shutter snaps producing identical shots) but the great ones will be located at the above sites. The Flickr account will be the last site I upload, so that will most likely be later tonight. My shutterfly website will be the only location (perhaps besides facebook) where I’ll have all the pictures stored. That, however, takes an awful amount of time, so if you look now, you’ll only see half. Everything should be uploaded by tonight. Some of the best ones are at the end, so please visit again. 🙂

And just you wait…tomorrow, I’ve ironed out all the kinks and I WILL go through with my original sunrise destination. And that should be all the more spectacular to witness. Pictures won’t do it justice, but that won’t stop me from trying. I love the outdoors. God is so creative!

2 Comments on “Backup Sunrise”

  1. I just ordered On Writing – by Stephen King, thanks to your post showing a quote from the book. I'm completely intrigued! So I'm thanking you in advance Evan. 🙂 And yes, the Merrimack is beautiful. My fall walks are about to return. That's one of my two walking locations, should be a good season.
    I didn't get up and go today to my original location. It is a longer work day, so I decided not to do that to my brain or emotions. However, the plan is tomorrow, since I have more down time after driving back. Have a great weekend!


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