In the Front Yard

I decided to sleep in today. Postponing the 2nd sunrise until tomorrow. It was the smartest move. I have a longer work day today, so sleep deprivation 2 days in a row, wouldn’t bode well for my temperament with young ones. Ergo, I will do Saturday, when I only have plans that evening, leaving ample recuperation time in the afternoon.

Another gorgeous morning, however, could not keep me indoors. So I donned sweats, packed my books, my blanket and this amazing camera I have the privilege of using for a few days, due to a very generous friend (OH how I miss having a camera! I’d forgotten the joy it brings), and walked out my front door, to the park. I continued reading my Beth Moore book, sipped green tea, took moments to feel the wind and observe my surroundings, and of course…I took some documentation….

**Please, if you have the time, click on the pictures individually, for then they’ll open the image separately. The quality for some reason is not doing great on my blog. But if you click on the picture, it will show you the full photo, and in better detail. 

 This is outside my window, leaves are already starting to die. Goodness!
A portion of the Park.
The acorns were already in this pile. For some reason it stuck out to me.
My dear Tyler Park

Flowers in front of the sign.

These are only some of the pictures again. I only took about 40 today! That’s an improvement, but still surprising for one smaller plot of land. 🙂 Visit my Photo website, for this album. *Note – The rest of the pictures will be up this evening. For now, I’m off to work. Have a beautiful weekend!

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