Worth the Wait

I wanted to post immediately, but never opened the page to get it started. Must still be recuperating….

Saturday was the magical morning. I got my body to Rockport, MA to watch a glorious sunrise. A dear, adventurous friend of mine agreed to my welcome-to-come-along. We spent Friday night at her place, with wine and ice cream, watching classic movies (How to Marry a Millionaire, my 1st viewing). I slept on her couch because her place is 20 minutes closer to Rockport than mine, so it cut down the driving time. I woke at 4am and we were out the door with earl grey in tumblers and a quiet car by 4:30am.

I didn’t take us to Halibut State Park, as per my original plan. I somehow found myself at the edge of the downtown area, where a handful of metered parking spaces, stop at the land’s edge. Large rocks, forming a jetty, descend from the pavement and there she is: the rolling waters.

We bundled up, strapped our cameras around our necks, and waited for the day. The sky had already begun it’s initial blue – signaling the rise of the rays. It wasn’t long before we began snapping photographs. We spent roughly 1 1/2 hours doing just that – interspersed with sitting and just looking at it all. The rocks our chair, the wind our alarm clock, the colors our theater.

After climbing back onto the parking lot, we loaded back into the car, only getting a mile away before I realized “We should eat breakfast back in Rockport, you want?” She did. We were both forgetful, as we originally wanted to do just that. I turned around, whipped out the Garmin, made some calls, parked back in that parking lot, walked through the town and headed to a diner. We stood out as “tourists”, obviously, and were treated as such too – though I think after while, our waitress warmed up to us. 🙂

We walked back around the corner, down some streets, and stopped in a cafe for drinks and a nice view. This was a great place we enjoyed just sitting in. I would spend a good amount of time here again. Peaceful.

We decided to start heading back. We took our drinks with us and started through the narrow streets, back to the car. We leisurely took more pictures, unable to help ourselves.

and many more. 

That’s our 6 hour adventure. We both CRASHED when we got back to our homes. I intended to only sleep an hour — that became 3 HARD sleeping hours. I believe I’m still recovering, though it’s not too difficult. I did very little the rest of Saturday.

I can’t close this without giving you some sunrise photos, I know. Again, this is tip of the iceberg. Look at the “many more” at your will. Bonsoir mes amis.

4 Comments on “Worth the Wait”

  1. AMAZING!! I havent looked at the rest of your pics yet, but then one above this comment almost made me fall over in my chair. Cant wait to check the rest out when i get back tonight!


  2. That's very nice of you – a photographer – to say! Thanks Evan.
    Though I just realized while looking at the shutterfly site where I have them on…that the quality is POORER than they're supposed to be. On my iPhoto – they're crisp and clear (not grainy), just as they were shot. But looking at the slide show on the shutterfly site, I realized they don't look as sharp. I'm pretty sad about that. I wonder, is it just the site that can't handle the pixel? Hmm. Anyway, thank you again! Enjoy. 🙂


  3. Hah! I am no photographer. In fact, you are making me realize I need to get out and learn how to take pics with my own SLR that is just wasting away in my closet. My blog pics are all from my phone. The pics didn't look too bad on shutterfly, though i see what you mean with the grain on a few of them. Still great pics.
    Make sure you go to Halibut Point before the winter. It's one of my favorite places in MA and well worth the drive on a clear day.


  4. Oh I went with a friend of mine not too long ago. That's why I wanted to go back. When we went, it was later in the morning, and completely cloudy. I love that place! But this location wasn't bad for a sunrise either. 🙂 I wish the full effect could be shown.

    And yes, if you've got a camera, use that puppy!! I've been suffering tremendously without one. haha


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