Looking Like A Raisin

I haven’t written in a bit. (Well, a “bit” in my time frame.)

I’ve been captivated by some reading material, which has taken all my spare time and attention. You might say I’ve been bathing in the soothing waters until my fingers, toes, heart and mind transformed into wrinkly raisins.

That’s me – a big, purple, happy raisin.

I’ve been reading Beth Moore, soaking up the words like a desert dweller coming upon a free-flowing stream of water. It began with Believing God, and finishing that quickly, I began So Long Insecurity on the 16th of August and finished it today. It took that long (because I would’ve read it quicker normally, not being able to stop) because I checked it out from my library – and when I read a book like this, i write in margins, underline paragraphs, star and point and comment on all the juicy stuff that screams “THIS IS SO YOU!” at me time and again. Since I checked it out, I couldn’t write in the margins. That would be bad for the next reader, and the library would most likely frown upon that. So I pulled out a free notebook and wrote, wrote, wrote the pertinent screaming truths (so yes, basically the entire book). I’ve begun my 3rd Beth Moore book, and can see we were cut from the same cloth, or at the very least, she’s clairvoyant to the inner workings of my thoughts and journey. 🙂 Love that.

The icing on the cake of all I’ve learned over these couple of months, soaking up intelligent, God-directed truths about my God-adorned identity?

I’m about to close my computer, go out the door, and see Beth Moore in person!!!

She’s doing a Living Proof Life conference right here in Lowell. My tickets are at “Will Call”, open at 4:30pm, doors open at 6pm, and we get going on the roller coaster at 7pm.

Now I couldn’t afford to go to this, despite the reasonable price for one of her events. 

On Wednesday, I was going to tell my friends who are attending, that I wouldn’t be there after all. I’d made peace with it, understanding my situation.  When I heard of the conference months ago from Kristine and Kristin, I was immediately there in my mind. I even said (with full believing) “God, I’m sure wants me there. There is so much I could glean from that!! His will means He will provide a way.”
       While I didn’t stop believing that truth, I did sort of set it aside in light of the fact that it had come to be Wednesday and I hadn’t come up with the finances. I truly was at peace with it, for if I was meant to – if it were unequivocally a weekend I could not miss or get the information sufficiently any other way (as in, sitting down with my friends who could go, and asking them to share their experience), then I would’ve been able to buy a ticket.

But God…

Wednesday came, and I was about to go to bed. I did not get the chance to tell my friends that day, as planned. So I made a mental note to let them know the next day. I decided to check my email once more, while in bed about to shut everything down for the night, including my mind. In my inbox, was a Living Proof Ministries blog post (I subscribe by email to Beth’s blog). I wanted to read because I was curious to see if she was writing about traveling to Lowell. She, in fact, did. I smiled at the knowledge of my town and state through her anecdotes and stories. As the post came to a close, and the last few sentences remained…I read these amazing words which caused my jaw to literally drop:

“Here’s what I got on here to ask: Are any of you heading that direction for our Living Proof Live this coming Friday and Saturday? Or do any of you wish you could but don’t have the money for the ticket?? Well, that’s exactly what the Siesta Scholarship Fund is all about.
Call Living Proof Ministries at 1-888-700-1999 during work hours on Thursday or Friday and talk to either Kimberly or Susan. They’ll fix up the first 15 or so of you who call.”

 Um….yeah. What God??? Seriously? Yes I wish! Yes I want! Yes, I’m calling.

And I did. I spoke with the sweetest woman. She was so enjoyable. Hearing only “I live in Lowell and…” [she doesn’t even need me to finish] “Oh you want tickets! Honey, I’m so glad you called, I’ve already given out about half.” (It was 10 minutes after their offices opened.)

I went to bed that night, before calling the next day, praying out loud to God, speaking my wonder at how delicately and beautifully He works in the small, wonderful ways.

He did want me there.

He knew all along how He was going to have it happen.

He wanted me to see His faithfulness.

He relished when my jaw dropped, probably smiling in glee at my amazement. I, like a child who’s received a great surprise – He, my Father, took joy in providing for me (yet again).

So enough chatter for me. I’ll be late to will call. I’m off to get my butt kicked with truth. Truth God went to large lengths to make sure I was present to hear.

“Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, Almighty, reigns.” (Rev 19:6)

4 Comments on “Looking Like A Raisin”

  1. Hello Jen! Welcome! I'm honored you stopped by. 🙂 Right now, I'm onto Beth's Get Out Of The Pit. That's the 3rd one I'm on.

    Are you reading any good books lately?


  2. Oh Deidra…it was AMAZING. I was so encouraged. And my closeness with God has been all the more progressing. The very next day (and even later that Saturday night), I realized I was set in the crosshairs and under some spiritual attack. He (the enemy) must've realized his grip was slipping dramatically. Because he started bringing out some big guns. I was so very frustrated by falling into some pitfalls (yet emboldened because I knew I could identify it, call it out and call for help from my Warrior). I came back from church Sunday and immediately (verbally) called out to God for deliverance from attacks. I was on my knees and it felt so wonderful to go to my King and find peace. It's always there! It constantly amazes me.

    I'm sorry, I don't know what made me go into all that right now, right here. But thank you so much for asking. Beth is a fire for our Lord and it was such a delight. She spoke on rediscovering treasures in our life. Taking them, owning them, storing them. I was blessed, I must say. As I fully expected to be, by the way God designed for me to be there.

    I am truly honored you have stopped by. Thank you so much Deidra. I hope to see you again. 🙂


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