On The [Spectacular] Road

I cannot contain my excitement and overflowing cup of joy any longer.

I will keep my words brief because it’s high time you jump in the VW bandwagon and check out my friends Darren and Lindsey Smitherman over at On The Good Road.

There’s a blog:
       READ it

There’s an About:
       Meet them. Learn why they are journeying. 

There’s a Store:
       See stunning photography of where they’ve been…
             But better yet BUY SOME. You’ll help continue to fuel their dream.

There’s a Map:
       Find out where they’re headed next. Live nearby? Why not take them 
         out for coffee, sponsor a lodging for them, or meet them in person? 
             Add to their joy by encouraging a brother and sister 
                 in Christ with your company.

I cannot convey in proper ways or words just how much I elate in sharing their story with you. These are amazing people I had the honor of knowing in college. They were, graciously, the first people who visited with me here in Massachusetts just after I moved. They took time out of their vacation, to encourage me with their presence. It meant a tremendous amount to a homesick Texas girl. These are the kind of people Darren and Lindsey are. They truly give of themselves to serve those around them. They love, as Christ loves. Please take some time and allow yourself the joy of sharing in a phenomenal journey.

2 Comments on “On The [Spectacular] Road”

  1. you are fully welcome! Are you kidding? I can't help it. 🙂 You have both been real blessings to me – and so very many others…God will continue to be completely through it all so that even MORE will be blessed and He will be Praised. It's a cup-running-over kind of joy.


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