Hello: I am Employed

Back in July, I never thought I’d be entering months of uncertainty and unemployment.
One night, two weeks ago, I joined my roommate on our front porch steps. We watched the sky, enjoyed the last portion of an Indian Summer, and talked. She asked about my life lately and listened sweetly as I attempted to construct sentences – conveying what October had been to experience. At one point, not far behind one of the silences, she suggested I try the temp agency she had used earlier in the year. “I found great success with them. It wouldn’t hurt to partner with more than one agency.”
Not at all, I thought. I’ll seriously try anything.

The next day I filled out forms online for this new agency. I called to set up a meeting with a contact in the company. It was set for Monday, November 1st. 
The meeting went well. The people of this agency are so very nice. Warm, welcoming, encouraging.
Tuesday morning (yesterday), I woke so very early to prepare for Ladies Prayer at my house. Danielle Athanas was able to come by, and we sat on my couch, catching up with one another – which we hadn’t done. We’d always been in a group setting, and we each appreciated the opportunity to chat. We prayed at the end, about many things, one being that God would continue to hold my situation in His capable hands, give me a free-flowing amount of strength, and to place me where He wants me. 
At 8:20am, 15 minutes after Danielle left, Phil, my contact over at the agency, called me.
“I have a job for you.” After saying some details of the place and job description, he added: “Basically, if you tell me “yes”, that you want this, the job is yours. You don’t even have to interview with them. That’s what you did with me and I’m confident. It’s yours.
I’m trying not to tell too long of a story. 
There were many calls back and forth to Phil. These are the brief facts:
  1. 2 jobs were eventually available. 
  2. Same company – a property management company in Haverhill.
  3. Front Desk Operations or Personal Assistant to the head manager.
  4. I would train one of my off days this week, and the job starts full time on Monday!
  5. Phil would give me a definite call by 5pm that day, with the job he decided I’d flourish best in.

So, starting on Monday (with a Friday 10am-5pm “training”) I’m the new Personal Assistant for Shawmut Properties. The pay is the higher end of what I asked for in the temp work. After 3 months, I’ll be eligible for full-hire in the company itself. That will bring a nice pay increase, benefits (though there are benefits available through the temp agency for now as well!), and job security. The company has very nice properties (I looked over their website!) in Maine, Mass and NH. Phil says they have great staff. 
I’m really excited to start this, but can’t wrap my head around it all. (Can you tell my tiredness by my monotone description and jagged thoughts? Usually try to be more prose-like.)
EVERYTHING snowballed so fast.
  1. I met the agency on Monday.
  2. They called with a job early the next morning.
  3. I had been praying for God’s timing for so long. Most recently with Danielle that very morning.
  4. My instant prayer after Phil’s call was how to tell Paige the time had finally come where I’d have to leave. And in only a couple short days! (I knew this would be a very hard process for her.) I had people praying hard for this.
  5. I asked many people if they knew people who might know people who needed a part-time job watching some kiddos (I was told by many that this was not my responsibility to find a replacement. But I had to do all I could to help. I simply have to – it’s in my DNA. Though I prepared myself for recognizing boundaries and knowing my own limits.)
  6. Danielle, my sweet prayer partner, contacted me back in a few short hours. She has a cousin who’s been searching for another family to care for. She could do 2 of the 3 days I currently did for Paige – and she was so excited at the opportunity. We emailed back and forth, and I told Paige more about it that night. It was all set up!! All before 1pm. 
  7. At 4pm, Phil called back with the confirmation. The PA job was mine. Congrats. 🙂

Seriously whirlwind. I cannot wrap my head around how it ALL fell into rapid place. But I can wrap my arms and soul around the One who choreographed each detail. Each ticking moment of perfect timing. The job was ready only now. Through a new agency I met with the day before. Danielle’s cousin was looking hard for a job now. She fit the need perfectly. 
I am literally and completely stunned into awe. God is stunning. Fully. My ability to express myself is enormously flawed in this light of wonder. I love faith. I love the comfort and stability of the Spirit. I love the Patient Warrior I have in the Redeemer. He is my peace perfected. He gave me faith during the darkened times, not of myself one ounce. During the deep valley sojourn, He never let me feel abandoned or forgotten. I was daily comforted. Daily refreshed. That is the unmistakable beauty in this season – a wealth of communion and relationship with My Father. Joy indescribable. 
And I will continue to point to the Designer of everything good. All the time, God is good. 
All the time.

2 Comments on “Hello: I am Employed”

  1. Wonderful for you! I've been at my current job for four years. It's a wonderful company, and I have (no joke) the best boss ever! I found the job through a temporary agency!


  2. That's wonderful Deidra! Thank you very much for the encouragement. I'm so very thankful! Such a God experience, without a shred of doubt. He organized this. Fully.


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