Have you ever been heartbroken?
       It doesn’t have to be the gigantic, movie, tragic-hero kind of heartbreak.

If you’ve ever had this pain in your chest,  
     a reoccurring moment of sadness sweeping over you, from something you can’t control,
          an acknowledgement that you have found pieces to a puzzle
              that you may never be able to complete;
                  that in all the ways you may try
                      you can’t make a picture whole
                          when you don’t have all the tools in your fingertips.
           Sometimes it takes more than one pair of hands.

Trying to tell a “fixer”, that some things may stay broken – until a helper steps in to share the task of restoration…it’s a difficult pill to swallow. The fixer is used to maneuvering and twisting and contorting until finally, everything fits how its “supposed” to. 
      But forcing a square peg into a round hole will never change the fact that it’s a fit that was never designed to work. 

At least not without some heavy duty construction to accommodate. Construction that one person is incapable of doing alone. 

There IS strength in numbers. That phrase isn’t a lie. 

And there’s also pain along the way. Sometimes you can’t expect to build a house without hitting some fingers with a hammer once in a while. 
        But I still want to see that house get built. Pain and all. 
              I’m just getting a little more bruised than I would like.
**Thank you to Thomas Heyman for the perfect photo.                  

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