Literature Affairs

I’ve begun reading Wuthering Heights. Yes…for the 1st time. For whatever reason, I never read it in any of my schooling years. I bought this book, along with 2 others, from B&N a while back. I got them all for about $5 each! (Other than this, I bought Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield park – both of which were also previously unread.)

I do not think I express it enough: I adore literature. I practically majored in it. And on more than one occasion, I fiddle with the idea of getting a masters in the field. Yet I know, it’s a very limited program – for all that money towards grad school. I just miss learning. I find myself yearning for a classroom again at times. Today, in the airport, I saw a couple of people brushing up on holiday homework, underlining and note-taking…I instantly wished I had a reason to do that again. It sounds so silly to say…how many people say they enjoy that environment?

I also toy with the idea of getting a masters in Christian counseling…but that’s a whole other train of thought for a whole other day.

I miss nurturing my passion for the written word. Heck, I miss nurturing my passion for writing. It’s been inescapable lately…I must begin again. I need to finish my book – get started to really be behind getting it published. Getting my life’s pursuit running. It will be a lifetime struggle, but when everything is stripped away, writing and literature is at the core of my life on this earth. I desire – above any other profession or pastime – to write for a living. To be an author. To continue to dedicate the rest of my days developing that desire.

So that has been on my mind.
    It isn’t going away.

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