Rocks on a window

Have you ever seen a movie, where there’s a guy throwing rocks at a window? Light pebbles…in succession…trying to get the attention of the girl behind the curtains. It’s usually at night, and he’s trying to be subtle, yet persistent enough to make her aware that he’s down there – wanting her to look and talk to him.
    If she doesn’t immediately hear him, or notice the *tink, tink, tink* on the glass, he doesn’t usually give up and turn around. He’s patient. Intentional. He stands there, sometimes he whispers her name, and keeps trying.

   .  I’ve been noticing some sustained calls – trying delicately to turn my ear to Who is pursuing me. It’s usually drowned out by other noises, or my own distractions volley for attention, leaving me unaware of my Caller.

                   But He remains.

            He doesn’t turn around.
                              He keeps His feet planted.

     He keeps me in view.
                                    He waits.

There’s this One, who keeps giving me nourishment. Keeps filling my emptiness with water that never runs dry. When I feel the heat of the day, He reminds me that my roots are firmly planted by the still waters.

     And He wants me not only to remain and abide with Him (which He does)…but He delights in my GROWTH.             He knows the desires of  my heart, because He planted them there. I ignore them, hem them away, let fear be the focus, and so on…

But God.

     I’ve abandoned something I know brings light into my life. I miss writing. I miss encompassing my life in literature. I miss communicating with my Love in the special ways He always gave me in which to process life. 
    The most resounding truth He’s shown me lately, is that He is the only ONE who can fill me completely and sustain me – leaving no room for want. He is ever-present, will never leave or forsake, is incapable of hurting me, and is incapable of reaching His limit to love me. Do you ever think on that?? Selah It’s almost incomprehensible to every degree. But He’s trying to get me to see Him the way is completely SEES me. It’s unnerving. He tries to tell me He never tires of pursuing me – of catching my eye. 
          How I need to listen…

4 Comments on “Rocks on a window”

  1. Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by! That verse has been my life verse since I was old enough to understand how pertinent it is in my life. It could literally say “LEIGH! If you are STILL trying to please man, you are not a servant of Christ's!” So convicting. Never becomes moot in my life. I'm constantly learning that lesson, and showering in the grace that comes when I fail over and over and serving the right master.

    So thankful you took the time to say hello. Means a great deal!


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