Car Shopping

Thursday afternoon, I left work to run an errand, picking up some mail we needed to retrieve the same day. I used my GPS, which took me down back roads rather than the highway. As I was travelling down a street and approaching a shell gas station, a guy in a GMC, pulled out in front of me, with about 2 seconds from approaching the driveway, giving me no time to swerve or react other than to brake instinctually. By the grace of God, I did not strike his driver’s door, but there was enough lapse in time to instead strike the passenger to rear, driver’s side of the car. It spun him and I around, ultimately connecting our two front ends (shown in the picture) and stopping perpendicular to traffic.
My airbags immediately deployed on my initial impact. And yes, I was wearing my seatbelt.
Everything worked exactly how it was supposed to. Yay God indeed!
    Both of us walked away, not needing hospital transportation from the EMTs who came onsite.
               Again, praise God.
Any residual pain from the accident for me has completely subsided. My neck and wrist are back to 99%, and other than being a little tired and having caught a chest cold a couple of days after, I’m wonderful. I realize how protected I am and how He had His hand there the whole time.
    My car is totalled, and the other guy’s insurance is in the process of examining the damage, and should give me a quote/their assessment of value soon. My poor, great car won’t be worth much, sadly. And due to my own awareness that I cannot afford a car payment or to take out a loan even with whatever amount my car would be worth, I won’t be getting a new car – or even a “newer” used car. I’ll be on the lookout and heavily researching to see what I can afford with whatever the insurance company deems my car is worth.
    This reason is why I’m even writing out what happened last week. Because I realize I need any help I can get with this next phase. The insurance company finally (yesterday) did put me in a rental, but I know I’ll need a car most likely by the weekend. I am asking anyone who may be reading this (though most understandably, anyone local might be of the best help at this short time need), if you have any firsthand knowledge of someone who is looking to sell a car for roughly $2000. That is my complete guess as to the ballpark of my Kia’s value. It’s most likely going to be less.
     I welcome any and all help in this matter and thank you immensely for any insight you may have. I know safety and stability are high on priorities, yet I also know my limitations. I will continue to research, and will assess all of my options carefully before making the ultimate decision. Thank you so very much for reading and keeping an eye out.
     I didn’t tell many people about it, so if you’re just hearing about this and wonder why, please know that it’s not personal – it was just a minor thing and I’m completely alright. I appreciate everyone’s well wishes who have heard through either seeing me while I was recuperating, or being a part of the first few days’ assistance that I needed as I was getting from place to place. I am blessed. There is no way around that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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