Santa Anas

I’ve never lived in California.

But I saw in a movie once, the explanations about the Santa Ana Winds that blow through every year.
They say anything can happen…

I take it to mean that change is in the air and the time where unpredicability can lose it’s stigma as a thing to be feared, but harnessed instead.

I am a person who actually likes change. Spontaneity excites me. Most times. Admittedly, change that I have some control over (such as a last minute road trip with no real purpose other than adventure, a change in itinerary to explore or take more time to enjoy, a conversation you didn’t know was coming, but you couldn’t imagine not participating in…) is more enjoyable than change I can’t control (such as losing a job, losing a car, never seeming to know the direction of an actual long term future).

But you know what? The gene that was included in my DNA when God gave me slivers of uniquness…the gene that says “I cannot get enough of adventure and the beauty of experience”…I love that. I’ll embrace that. And that means not declaring that some of that change is unwelcome or undesired. It means owning it all.

It means throwing my head back, extending my arms fully out and allowing myself to be nudged by the winds of unpredictability.

So Santa Ana winds? The notion that anything can happen, and it can be glorious?
           Yes please.
                       Let’s Go.

I may have to be reminded from time to time. So remind me. What do Santa Anas do for you?

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