On Forgetting…

The Gyspy Mama has an amazing, reoccurring prompt on Fridays. The prompt changes each week, but the practice is the same. She dubs is “5 minute Fridays”. You write for 5 minutes, without stopping – just allowing a natural flow from mind to fingertips and write. It’s that simple. It is one of my favorite prompts (I did similar exercises in numerous writing courses) because it enables complete freedom. No pretense or over thinking. Just flowing and release.
I’ve added her button to my blog’s homepage (see it to the right?). You should click on it and see for yourself that something pretty great goes on every Friday. Highly collaborative sharing going on! Also, click the link on blog title to introduce yourself to her, her family, her story, and her passion.
Without further ado…I’ll get started!
On Forgetting…
I can’t seem to shake this gnawing within.
      That I need to write. NEED to.

That there have been swirling thoughts that just linger, which I don’t pay attention to, nor give thought or voice to. They sit there, stifled because I drown them in the fear of failure – opposite of success…
I want to write a book.
                       I started out with this perusal of writing to write children’s books.
   I still want to do that, but I can’t shake the notion that maybe a chapter and chapter and chapter project is more what has been creeping into my “do it” voice.
Why is this on the topic of forgetting?

Because sometimes all I want to do is forget it.
There is so much about writing that I’m passionate about.
    It’s my catharsis
          my release
            my discovery of secrets and insight I never knew I could reach.
But I DO forget – – I forget that these dreams are not mine.
I did not create them.
HE formed my inmost parts.
Knit with the lavish love of words, expressions, meaning.
I forget every single dawn, how He provides for me in the darkness, and throughout each and every day.
   Why do I forget so much when He is SO constant?
Now it’s your turn. Whew…I’m telling you. This kind of exercise won’t let you hide from yourself. There’s not stopping, or pausing to change format or spelling (you can do that at the end if you want). Just go. Let loose. See what comes out.
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3 Comments on “On Forgetting…”

  1. Just posted my link at Five Minute Fridays right after yours, so here I am. I love your thoughts on this topic. I totally “get” that desperate need to write whatever is swirling around inside. But – I love your words here – “I forget that these dreams are not mine.” Wow. So true, yet so often forgotten. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I frequently struggle with the fact that I have all these dreams and plans which I need to give over to Him, to honor Him with, to trust Him with. That I can't just rush forward without Him. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I hope you end up writing that book! Smiles –


  3. Wow, I am humbled and enormously appreciative of y'all's words. Thank you SO very much. You've just poured oinment of understanding and I am grateful. 🙂 Can't wait to read your prompts!


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