Backwards….(5 Minute Friday)

The Gypsy Mama has encouraged us into another Friday! I missed last weeks, sadly enough. Yet I believe that it’s still a prompt that can be done, even if it’s past, even if not on a Friday. So take a shot at that topic too, in case you fingers have words they’re itching to type (she had a scrumptious idea for her take on it!).
As for today, push up your sleeves, sit up in your chair, give your head and neck a good stretch, and let’s do this…

The idea doesn’t immediately come, though by instinct, when I hear about “backwards”, I think “stand against moving that direction.”

It’s a choice, like choosing a flavor of ice cream, or folding your laundry instead of watching tv (which I confess, I NEVER choose the former). When you are faced with a circumstance – a direction your life is taking, whether you have actively taken that road, or doors have opened for you by the One who is the Ultimate Leader – you can think of it whichever way you choose (this change). But if I may be so bold as to insinuate your thoughts….do not think of it as backward motion.

If you move across the country to follow your dreams – dreams you believe He’s specifically laid out for you; and if you stay there, evolve, grow, become a member of an even larger part of His giving, serving Body, but then you have to go back – to your original home, back across that wide expanse of country…do not believe, for one moment, that you’re moving backwards.

Because our Father works in forward motion. He works to refine, take away impurities so perfect reflections of His glory can stare back into His loving eyes, reflecting His sacrificial, adoring heart. He does not work to backtrack, nor spread ashes.

He works in beauty…He works in Forward.


Whew….this one was more difficult. Thoughts weren’t there completely. I definitely felt more rushed on this one. Admittedly, the last portion of “Forward” and the period at the end – came at 5:03.8. I stretched the time frame there.

So this one isn’t eloquent, but it’s what came out. It’s VERY difficult not to explain my tone, intention, or even emotions I feel now, by writing it. Prompts are meant to be beginnings to greatness (greatness of all scales).

If you’re reading this, and you are encouraged to try the 5 Minute Friday exercise, please post a link to your blog so that others can share and encourage you further. I promise to stop by, read, and comment as well! Words excite me deeply. I trust they do for you as well. Have a wonderful Friday!

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8 Comments on “Backwards….(5 Minute Friday)”

  1. Amen! My mother and I actually did travel across the country…at times, it felt as though we were going backwards…and the Lord opened amazing doors for both of us. Beautiful, heartfelt post.


  2. Oh how I love this: “He works in beauty . . . He works in Forward.” Isn't that the truth?! And so artfully said. Thanks for sharing today. Smiles –


  3. I didn't feel it was lacking in any way. And it's encouraging to one who has been moved across the country and sits seemingly stuck in a place, trying to figure out what God's forward motion is here. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by my place. : )


  4. I instantly visted each of your pages to say thank you more “personally”, but it is such a joy to see your words of encouragement. Thank you so very much for visiting and taking time to read and share. I appreciate it enormously. 🙂


  5. I loved the part about cross country moving. I am CA girl that moved to VA that then moved to Hawaii that moved back to CA, that moved to MA, and is about to drive back to CA. All of this in my married life….and then….in Aug, we will make the craziest,most distant, move to date. And I feel like I am moving forward. 😉


  6. I am so thankful for everyone's words – and truly all the more thankful for your own responses to the prompts.
    It is a genuine honor to read yours!


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