Home…(5 Minute Friday)

Back again! Welcome to the weekly 5 Minute Friday.

I love that this keeps me writing. I want to find more chances to carve out intentional time to ponder large and small things – to as my brain to do somersaults and 100mph curves around bends once thought out of my league. This is a good place for me to start writing more, and being challenged. There are Mondays, Wednesdays – times for topics, reasons for writing.

Yet back to today, to the present. Today’s topic from Lisa-Jo is Home.



When you move many times in your life, “home” can be multitude. There are the colloquialisms of “home is where the heart is” or where your family is or where you lay your head at night….

Home is changing. Constantly.

Is it with the people I am surrounded by? They change all the time too. Life happens. Personalities blend, sometimes they create a sour mix and you stop blending. Sometimes it’s a sweet, refreshing mix, and you pray to God in Heaven that He lets you know them for more than one season.

I’m a person who longs for deep, thriving friendships. Yet I have gained the maturity over time to know that I don’t want that with everyone I meet. That’s impossible.

But I love people. I adore the people in my life. Even if for a season – I often relish in those past seasons, singing praises of thanksgiving for the astounding fact that somehow I was able to be a part of the swirling beauty that were those friendships, at that time, and that I have pieces of flourish littered throughout my soul because of them.

And I take the not so flourishing too. And I pray for the strength to be defined not by the rejections, the bitter ignoring, the sharp opinions or the frustrated leaving. I pray for the strength to know my identity.

Because HOME – oh home is not here. Home is with my Father. Home is the boundaries of complete acceptance, complete affirmation, WHOLENESS and warm, sweet love. He is my home. Abound and abide in that.


*This spectacular picture was borrowed from the beautiful blog of http://smangiemag.blogspot.com/ Visit her site and enjoy!

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