Response: Acknowledge Him

Today at (in)courage, the beautiful Sara Frankl shares her heart, wisdom, and realness with us once again. Bless your day by reading her words in Acknowledge Him. In my opinion, I do not see her words as making light of this sometimes-task of Acknowledging. Though she speaks in clarity and the flow of an abiding daughter, I do not believe that it’s ever been easy to do. Has it gotten easier? Oh absolutely so, for she tells us this (and if you read her story on her website, you’ll see that rough roads are aplenty). But her heart is in love with her Maker – and THAT is what shines through.

On her post today, she ended by asking

Can you stopright nowexactly where you’re at and acknowledge a gift He has placed in your life in the middle of the hard stuff?

I answered what was on my heart this morning, even before reading her post. As I drove to work today, listening to worship music (they were from the playlist of Shai’s service – how my heart was spilling over this morning!) I was just struck by this particular blessing, in many folds, that He somehow sees fit to give me.

After I did my best to answer Sara’s question of the gift I am hit with constantly, I realized I wanted to share it here as well. I’m that overjoyed at how He has blessed me. How MUCH. And you are a gigantic part of it.

Here are my gifts:

“The gifts He has placed…

Oh the relationships! The deep, surging, layered, lived-out relationships in my life. My brothers and sisters who have sunk to the deeps and scaled to the heights, and then decide to share their hearts with me and make room for mine in return.

It is not always a paved, holeless road, but it IS always a blessing. It IS always growth and beauty in the end (and abundantly sprinkled in the in-betweens as well). I’m learning more and more about the Body each day. I’m learning to see the good and lay the bad down at His feet, for it’s not mine to carry or obsess over. LEARNING is a long process. But Grace is endless. The blessings are endless.

So that is my gift that I am in complete awe of. The people in my life. The people who somehow got branded to “partner” with me in seasons or longer stretches of life. I can only plead with my Father that I’m somehow a blessing in return. I can daily ask to be, to ready myself to serve SELFLESSLY in the lives of the Body’s members.

Regardless of the hardship – the beauty of sharing the sojourn with others far outweighs the pain. Thank you [Sara] for sharing your  heart once again. There is such treasure in the words He places in your heart.”

Can I steal her question? Can I ask you what is the gift, what are the gifts He has specifically draped over your life? Even in the midst of what could be a dry, valley-dwelling season – can you be still and know that He is yours, and that He loves to lavish beauty in our everyday lives? Please, if you feel led, share with us. You are safe and welcome here. Thank you!

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