5 Minute Friday – Wonder

Happy Friday!
Another great 5 Minute Friday is upon us. Today’s topic from Lisa – Jo is about WONDER
So get your stopwatch, play by the rules of no revision, no erasing, no pausing the clock to sound “better”. Just breathe, release, and write.
Oh, and don’t forget to link up to my page (and Lisa – Jo’s) so we can all share in what we each came up with. Enjoy the creative time. 🙂
I wonder about an awful lot. With the personality type of a “feeler“, yet the introspective abundance of an over-analyzer, I tend to think about everything. I want to know how something is…why it is, how people think, interact. What opinions others have on any topic, and how we are similar or different in those opinions.
I love to dig deeper, know more, understand better. Because let’s face it, I could always understand better. That’s why I love conversation so much – because it allows me the opportunity to dialogue, through out funny or interesting or tough questions – or have someone give me things to think about.
I wonder about future lately. I didn’t used to. Yet I’m realizing that He has SUCH a plan for me and He’s been waiting and waiting and waiting for me to come to Him, having left everything behind – all possession and others and worries, and to follow Him.
I often call Him my Patient Warrior. Those are two very big representative roles He is in my life. He never leaves – when so many others have. He always stands ready to defend – when others have had ENOUGH. He remains beside me, teaching me how to fight off the Enemy, every day strengthening me against the onslaught of arrows.
I wonder how He is that capable to love me.
I wonder why I’m often not capable enough to return that love.
I wonder How marvelous is my Savior.

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