The Discipline of Joy

Maintenance is required to keep anything alive. Care, nurturing, attention…these are vital in the continuance of life, of thriving.

This applies to anything that moves, breathes, changes, adapts….think deeply about how this could apply for you. It might not take very long for you to come to a conclusion.

              For me, it’s writing.

My deep longing for this act, creates the understanding that this verb is indeed alive, changing, flowing through the course of my life. I often actively ignore that this passion requires my attention. My cultivation. Because I’ve seen the joy that once overflowed around it, wither to parched, cracked ground – in desperate need for a drink.

It’s that simple. Give it regard, give it acknowledgment. Nourish it and stop ignoring the importance it has on my life. This is what I try to remind myself with…yet so often it falls on deaf ears. The motivation leaked away with the fruit of its fervor.

So I know how I need to start making time for it again. Every Day. If that means rising early, before the sun, then I’m to take the commitment and the steps needed to do it. Because it is that ingrained into not only who I am, but who I truly, wholeheartedly believe God created me to be and is continuing to shape me into becoming.

Enter my dear friend. She knows I used to enjoy the helpful prompts of Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Fridays, and so Kristin declared that she would give me a word a day, for my own continuation of prompts, if that’s what it took to get me going again. Talk about a lifeboat. It’s the perfect ingredient for baking the joy right back in. 

Because sometimes, it is a discipline. Sometimes, when the luster has faded off of your shiny treasure, a good amount of sweat and elbow grease IS what it will take to restore the shine.
And the work will be worth it.

And so, the word she gave me today is PATIENCE.
“That’ll be a good one for you today,” is what she says. She is very wise, I’ll tell you that. 🙂
So here goes…5 minutes, without stopping. Flowing out, without over-thinking.

 I’m sure there is much I could contemplate on when it comes to patience. Patience for the morning to come. Patience for sleep to revive. Patience for the little annoyances that flow through each day for us all…

Yet if I’m openly honest, the greatest need for patience application goes directly to myself.

Learning how to stop. breathe. accept. whatever it is that’s going on in my own life. 

   I did not create myself. These freckles weren’t designed by my eye, this personality was hand-picked for my enjoyment. I have a Maker. I have a Carpenter. I have a Spirit who went into the chemistry of me. I would think, that knowing that – would provide me with reverence instead of confusion and disbelief. 

I would think i would be able to have the appreciation for His work, for mostly that is how I operate – able to stand forever in nature and stand astounded at His glorious hand. Yet patience, acceptance of “good work”, understanding – when it comes to myself….LOST. Stolen somehow. Misplaced.

Not how it is intended.  Not how I am called to respond to His gift, His careful construction of one of His own. 


      I’m still learning what it means….so much of how to hold it out, hold it within, hold it. And look through it’s lenses to see the ever elusive end-result: TRUTH.


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