Today, I don’t have much to add outside of the writing prompt. I forgot yesterday’s, but it was a creative day nonetheless…we picked up four books each at a bookstore’s closeout! So, I was excited through that find.

I’m still thinking on yesterday’s post a bit. I can’t pinpoint exactly why or how,  but I there are reasons that I am needing to dwell on those thoughts. I suppose that will be revealed in time as well.

These prompts will not always produce something extraordinary, nor may it largely impact my day or thought process. Sometimes however, it will. On the days where it’s “nothing altering”, I still give thanks, because it means I wrote. I took the time to process, to work the deteriorating muscle that has long suffered from atrophy. This process takes so much diligence, dedication, and persistence. I am not instantly great at any of those. So I give thanks for good friends who will encourage me to continue to walk in this. Each day, for however long. I give thanks for the sweet words of support along the way. I give thanks for the One who instilled this passion in me from the beginning.

So today, Kristin gave me the word: REPLENISH


     A beautifully sounding word – it rolls off the tongue. I know it’s meaning, and yet I feel the essence has alluded me for so long.

     I think of a stock of a much needed supply –
                       metal for World War II, needed replenishing.
                       Water in Texas, desperately needs replenishing.
                       Money for our economy, food for the poor,
                             aide for impoverished people around the world –
                  all could use some major replenishing.

      It deals in life-changing provisions. It seems to mean something entirely unique, separate from restore, or refill, or restock. It carries an ere of peace alongside. As if the end result is accompanied by an audible sigh of relief from distress. A moment where breathing can begin again, for it had long been held…waiting for hope to ripen.

      Thus, this must be for my life. My heart. I need the essence of all replenish brings to bring newness and an era where my cup runneth over. I don’t mean through tangible, worldly supply, but I need the replenish of His peace. His love. His movement in my life. And it all starts with my ability to let Him move. To allow the changes to come.


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