Spirit is willing…(but?)

Today, I was given two choices for a word. Both were pretty great words for a topic. I will use the other choice very soon, but I gravitated toward one pretty quickly, and it’s shaping up to be a theme of not only this day, but my life and it’s ever-changing phases…



The verse “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” could not be more eloquent when describing the life of a believer, on this side of Home. 

I find that I have this heart and spirit filled with “will” and “wish” and “if only”. Yet the “coming-to-fruition” part I always hear others referring to has managed to dodge me for decades. 

That could be an unfair summary, for I know some portions of my life have come full circle. There is completeness to many areas God has taken me through.

It’s merely that I often find myself so willing and hoping
that some facets could reach new heights. 
In certain ways.

It goes back to trust. Because as a person, I enjoy change, adventure, spontaneity. I prefer them and get antsy and irritated with the opposites of these. Yet I have yet to truly surrender the areas of my life where the willing won’t match up with the fruition. 

            For I know God has a plan for fruit in my life.

                     Plans to prosper (in the ways He has orchestrated),

                              not to harm.                   To give me, take me to – HOPE.

So I stand here, willing. Yearning desperately for the next level of walking past the “uncertain roads ahead!” sign that I usually use as an excuse to turn back.

        Though it seems small – one step I can take, and have taken, is the (in)courage (in)RL [“in” Real Life] (un)conference. I have big hopes concerning this community and I always seem to hesitate and turn back at the “uncertain road ahead!” marker. But with this conference, I’m one step past that sign. I’m one step deeper into being both willing and active, instead of willing and weak.

                                 He is strong. He makes me strong. He gives me

                                                           L   i   f   e 

What signs do you need to venture past? I would be honored to hear. Help me know I’m not the only one? 🙂 

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