I Admire You

         Who day after day, night after shortened night, always rise from beneath the covers, put feet to floor, and love your daughter more than anyone ever could. You breathe life into her with your hugs, your attention, your delight in who she is. You, who sometimes forgets that no one could be a better mother to her – no one on the face of this planet neither past, present, nor future could be better fashioned to walk life through with her. Nor could another be the mother to a beautiful baby boy who stands in the glory of the Father’s presence, seeing the family God created him to be a part of forever, not just limited to earth. You are his mother. Always. Intentionally planned this way. Without error.

         Who has worked every day of your adult existence, to provide a life for your family – for those you love, in utter selflessness – in complete sacrificial adoration. You are a pillar of strength, never forsaking your loves. You cannot find the end of your wellspring of affection. You pour, pour, and pour more – never holding back support, guidance. Never holding back your hand to hold, your arms to wrap around in comfort. It has never mattered, the measure you have. You give every ounce. Keeping nothing for yourself except your praise and faith in the Ultimate Father. You model him better than anyone could hope for.

         Who has a faith built on solid rock. Who has never claimed to be perfect, who has always claimed to be lost, yet ever-redeemed. You model bravery, hope, continued trust. Your ears are ever-open to receive. You arms remain extended. You never turn away a member of the Body whom you gloriously give thanks to be within. You never judged me, or told me how to improve – never told me to be quieter or to calm down. You welcomed me fully into an unfamiliar place. You warmed my confusion with words of truth, you gave my feelings validation instead of scorn. You reassured me of what to strive for and Who to look to for justification. We have a kindred spirit between us, and I cannot express how greatly I value your immense wisdom and understanding. You help me see more of who He is shaping me to be.

And even though we’ve never met, I admire someone like you…
         Who follows the path laid before you. Who lives each day in the choices that shape you. You choose love over hatred. Peace over dissension. You understand that you will never be perfect, but that you are given 24 hours each day to make new – to choose wisely. And on the days when you fall, you forgive yourself for you know you live under constant forgiveness and sanctification. I know there are many someones like you. I am working each day to become more like this. So I admire you, your ability to run the race in perseverance.

         Who provides for your family in every way you can imagine. Who may not be living the dream you always imagined, yet you work diligently where you’re planted. You learn to bloom and thrive wherever you are, even if it’s not where you expected. You practice integrity. You value honesty. You see true beauty, not manufactured. You communicate and give patience out as freely as a handshake. You make time for your children, your family. You teach what it means to be dependable, responsible, honorable – simply by living your life by the grace you’ve been given.

         Who has a dream. Who has opened your trembling palm to the Maker of your soul, giving over your dream. Who realizes that anything He has planned will far exceed your expectations or desires. You, who knows that bringing Him your heart, doesn’t mean losing yourself. Instead, it brings absolute knowledge to who you were meant to be. You find out, palm open, what it means to live – to be free. You use your talents, without allowing fear to paralyze you. You realize we are all members of the same body, and though you may be a hand, you cannot say “I am not needed, for I’m merely a hand, not a foot, or eye. Being a hand surely isn’t good enough.” (See 1 Corinthians 12. Particularly verses 14-26.) I especially admire you – because He is thoroughly trying to bring me to this particular peace. I’ve yet to take up residence in this place God has built for me. Keep your eye heavenward – on the only prize worth fighting for. Keep enduring for the Kingdom. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Who do you admire? 

Take some time to tell them, won’t you? 

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