Plugging Into Great Resources, Part 1

On Friday, I was participating in Lisa-Jo’s weekly prompt. In my post, I expressed my desire to connect with other participants. Fellow bloggers who yearn for the creative push each week, or even those trying it for the first time.

My point is that I want to seek out more. I want to “introduce” myself to you, fellow writer, fellow chaser of the passionate dream, fellow liver of life.

Because we each have a voice.

And together, we make a louder voice.

Let that sound be one of motivation.
     Of a cheering squad.
            Of heads nodding in understanding, confirming none of us are alone.

So…in honor of that belief – that yearning for supporting one another – I wanted to highlight the generous, talented woman who stopped by Friday. They took the time to read one small voice. They left what they may think are small words of “hello, nice to ‘meet’ you”, but indeed were encouragements so dear to me, I have to take the time to show my appreciation somehow.

For it means more than just a small amount to me.

      Because maybe I’m one of the someones who needs to remember 
     she’s not alone.
      That one voice does not have to be drowned out to insignificance.
      That God created His sons and daughters to proclaim powerful truths, not quiet lies.

So I’m linking up to the pages of these beautiful women. To show not only my gratitude, but to highlight their voices as well. Each individual person has a distinct message to share. God created us so. We are unique. We are part of one Body, but many members. He sees our individualities – for He fashioned each one. So please, if you’re taking precious time to read my post (of which I am humble by, believe me!), then take just a few moments more and click on each of the sites below and take a peek at some lovely words of truth. Each woman is significant and amazing. It will be easy to see why. This is how I can say “thank you”. From my heart, to these words, to hopefully your visit. Let’s encourage one another!

Jennifer, it’s because you took the time to type words of discovery.
* Ashley, it’s because you took the time to generously share a new voice
* Denise, it’s because you you took the time to type words of understanding.
* Amy, it’s because you took the time to type words of unity – how we sisters can relate.
* Brandy, it’s because you took the time to type words of bravery on your blog, and to return a “hello”.
* Cassi, it’s because you took the time to type appreciation of descriptive language & artistic beauty. We share that joy.
* Kariss, it’s because you took the time to type words of vulnerability in your own life, & visit me as well.

Ladies, I thank you today specifically. You brightened my entire week with your words, your visits, and your eyes graciously reading my own sentences. You are encouragement in practice.

I know there are so many more of us out there – authors of our experiences, partakers in the sojourn of worship for a Savior. I want to keep this “Plugging In” going strong. I want there to be a Part 2, 3, 10. I think when we acknowledge one another  – when we take moments from our own involvement to recognize all the members of this great Body we’re in, that then we are continuing His work of love and edification.

“Therefore encourage (admonish, exhort) one another and edify (strengthen and build up) one another, just as you are doing.”

2 Comments on “Plugging Into Great Resources, Part 1”

  1. I LOVE the heart behind this post. Although no thanks were necessary, thank you for doing so anyway. It means a lot! I love connecting with you. My desire for this year is to connect with others like you who love to write and love the Lord. Excited to journey with you!


  2. You are SO very welcome! I'm with you Kariss…I think it's pivotal that we bind together in unity. Not only as believers, but as fellow writers. There are times where we need the reminder that there are others with the same passion, walking through the same trials and successes we are. It'll help keep me going, that's for sure! 🙂


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