5MF – Trust

Today I’m hooking up with Lisa-Jo again over at The Gypsy Mama for the weekly write-without-fretting.

Today’s word is TRUST.

There is never a bad or uninspiring word…ever notice that?
    I’m tired already, just knowing the word. Yet here goes….take the 5 minutes and join me, won’t you?


 Why pick the practice I’m the worst at?


          Is anyone stellar at this? Because I need a mentor to show me the ingredients to a trust-secured existence.

Then again, I suppose we are all dog paddling through the choppy waters of sinful humanity. This side of Glorious Home, aren’t we told that we won’t quite get everything right?

    Yet we’re still supposed to run the race. To dig into our persevering bones and endure this tumultuousness that combats our urge to give in.

    I want so deeply and drastically to yearn for only His voice. To trust only His truth. Yet continually I hear the disapproving tones of another who doesn’t think my life is quite matching up. I hear the accusatory voice within my own head berating my inability to support myself in ways an almost-30 year old should. I even hear the encouragement, the love bursting from great brothers and sisters, and begin to hunger for more of their approval than my Maker’s.

   No matter how I slice it, the pie of people-pleasing is never supposed to nourish my soul.
I wasn’t built for that.
I was built for Trusting in One only.
   I was built with a hole inside of me that cannot be quenched without the living water as my only supply.

  No, I wasn’t crafted for bending over backwards for the lie or even the temporary sweetness of this world.

     I was built for eternity. For basking the glory of Sacrificial unity.

How I wish I could get at least that right. Today. Before today is too hard to paddle against.


    Link up with Lisa-Jo and take the time to write without boundary, without edit, without restriction.

Today I’m not left completely soothed. There’s just too deep of water in my rocky heart. Yet I always, always need reminding of the realness of the love I am under. The tangible portions I was created for.

What are your words today? One thing I do know, there are never enough perspectives in this world for how to trust our Father more deeply, How to surrender more completely into His arms. I could use reminding. How about you?

2 Comments on “5MF – Trust”

  1. So beautiful.  Loved this:  “
    No matter how I slice it, the pie of people-pleasing is never supposed to nourish my soul.

    I wasn't built for that.”
    Indeed, friend.  People pleasing is the anti-trust, and I get it.  I'm a nasty people pleaser, learning to look first to Him.  Thanks for sharing the journey!


  2. Thank you Cara for your sweet words and for your time in reading today. I truly know that when we come together in unity, it makes the road easier to navigate. I'm heading over to your site now, eager to see how your lovely words can uplift even further. Have a wonderful day!


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