A dream of mine has been realized.

Sometimes people say that, and I believe, as I now understand the weight of it, just how much it means to be able to declare that – to be able to be in the experience of that first step. Of knowing you can look back on this moment and say “I did that. I took a chance, I heard a “yes”, and I take it as no small thing – this opportunity to share the heart and passion given to me by the One who fashioned my every part.”

Today, is my first published post on a “syndicated” website. A blog community that I hold in high esteem and one that has uplifted and challenged me in ways indescribable.

I am beyond the mere word of “grateful” for this opportunity. I am beyond the beginnings of humbled. I am mouth-open, awe-filled, Father-praising thankful for being allowed to contribute to such an organization. To a vision that is accomplishing not only what it set out to do, but far more than any mind could imagine, for that is what He promises – to give abundantly more than we can ask or dream up. Because we are giving all we have to Him, He is showing us borderless beauty.

So here is a teaser to my post today. Please head over to (in)courage if you have a moment to read. It means everything to me – I cannot say.


This So-Called Life


It’s a rarity these days for people to ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Regardless of if the question is ever asked, the truth is we all have expectations don’t we?
I can count on one hand the jobs I used to dream of having one day. Are you ready for this? I once said to my mom that I’d like to be a 911 Operator. (That’s due to Rescue 911, an old TV show if anyone remembers!) Other than that, there were brief contenders of a neonatal nurse or a veterinarian, but it would usually always come back to teaching.
It is the latter that I went to college for – Elementary Education.
I had it all planned out. In an English class in High School, one assignment was to write a letter to ourselves not to be opened until we turned 21. At 17, I quickly penned a note describing what I imagined my life would be like. I wrote what some might think normal expectations would be: graduating college, perhaps dating a great guy, heading into the workforce (teaching in a classroom).
Wouldn’t you know it, when I opened that letter at 21 years old – nothing was what I expected.



2 Comments on “Guest Post Premiere”

  1. Cassi! Thank you so very much for coming by and reading the post over at incourage. It means so much to me, truly. I am honored by your words and your support!


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