Fresh Air – Friday

It’s a 5 minute Friday. I have begun to think of this as a “coming home”. Moments of clarity that I too often miss – too often yearn for a visit, yet I allow excuses to keep me from participating how my heart longs too.
    Bottom line – I miss it, how Lisa Jo allows the shackles of our musty worlds to let loose, to inhale clean, uninterrupted air and just release the jumbled syllables into words of realization.

So I’m back. I’m ever-so thankful to be. I am enriched to read the words of others, and I know today – I need equipping by the words of my sisters from around the nation. I will feebly begin with my own. Thank you for honoring me with your eyes and ears this morning. If you are here reading, you are giving me a great gift. And with your own wisdom in words and vulnerability, you are uplifting me far more than you can know. Here’s to you sisters. Here’s to the love of a Father Who never stops pursuing.

Today’s topic: Together
It is not a concept I allow myself to dwell on.
    Truth be told, I don’t often think of myself as half of a pair. 
    As something uniting a “together”.
I could not be more wrong. And therein lies my painful sin.
I deny the only One who passionately yearns for my closeness.
I play a terrible friend. A distant daughter. An ungrateful rescued. 
For with Him, I am always whole. With His Son, I am always together. Placed from the crackled pieces into an overflowing pot of clay and of peace. 
This word, this topic is two-fold in meaning for me this morning. For I woke feeling weak and tired, yet I have a gnawing suspicion that I am to be on guard today. That something is in the works for me to be aware, be ready, be His for the using and taking. 
     I am not alone in my wandering….and ever-wandering do I feel.
          I am together in the blood of Christ.
              I am together with a Jehovah-Jireh who fought for me. Who finished the war.
                  – who seeks me still. Every. Single. Day.
    I am placed together. No longer slivers of inadequacy. No longer shards of fear and loathing.
I am a tapestry of wholeness. Of beauty. Of love written on arms outstretched. 

And hear me now: you are too.
Do not neglect this truth for yourself. 
Take it from me, it is a crippling lie to own ‘unqualified’.
Unworthy of your belief.
Even unworthy of mine.
Let’s proclaim together. That the lonely ends here. In His arms.
     Today was a shred over 5 minutes. Forgive me. I could not stop prematurely. Let the conversation of openness begin. I feel a prayer day today. How can I tangibly pray for you today? List it below or feel free to email me. I mean this sincerely. I want to go to bat for you. He wants to hear uplifted voices supporting one another. It is music to His ears, so let us prepare a symphony.

5 Comments on “Fresh Air – Friday”

  1. I love this. Thanks for it. “With Him, I am always whole.” That's a reminder I need constantly. I would love prayer. This year has been excruciatingly painful for my family, the last three months even more so. So much grief and loss. Things are looking up, I'M looking up, and we're making a life transition in the next few weeks. We're moving back into community soon, which you can read about here:


  2. P.S. Your picture isn't coming up over your profile, and it's really hard to comment on your posts. It took me about 15 tries before I gave in to using my Google/Blogger ID which isn't the one I wanted to use since it doesn't link back to my site. Blogger is notoriously bad with this. I just wouldn't want your readers to give up when trying to comment.


  3. Melanie, what a joy to have you here! Thank you so very much for coming by and visiting. I can honestly say it means a great deal to me. I tried to respond to this days ago via my phone, but it didn't go through it seems. 😦 I wanted to know how I can be praying for you this week. I sincerely would love to know if there is anything specific on your heart. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing you visit again and reading your words in the future!


  4. Tammy…thank you sincerely for your words of insight on the kinks with my blog. That's disheartening that it took you so long to be able to comment. I am better off that you were tenacious and found a way! Thank you so much. I will absolutely be praying for you in the way you listed. I am deeply sorry for the valley of loss and grief you and your family have been enduring. Praise Him for leading you through it and into green pastures – what a wonderful faith and trust in believing He is in control and that things will turn. I will be checking your site very soon! Look for a comment. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week. And thank you again – I will fix these details asap.


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