What is Real, is True.


Today is the good day – the day for writing.

Everyday should be that and I believe that Lisa-Jo helps us become one step closer to that practice. She makes one day  possess the ability to think less, and write more. I’m quite thankful for that, and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment.

So today, while a busy one, I’m taking the time to just release myself over to one of my true passions. One which shamefully, I neglect far too often.

Happy 5 Minute Friday everyone. Let’s get to it.


   There is a greater difference between real and fake than we give credit for. Than I give credit for.

What I know is real today, is that I woke with air in my lungs, feeling in my bones, and thus a purpose for my minutes. 

Confession: I constantly question my worth/purpose/effect both in the lives of everyday, and in the big picture of a “plan.”

Let’s get one thing clear about that: it’s not only a bald faced LIE, it’s insulting to the One who gives me oxygen each day. To the one who formed my bones from dust and one rib.

THAT’s real. Not my notions of effectual existence.

I move quite often. I haven’t become “grounded” in a grown up purpose. I haven’t taken my dreams, owned them, and in dedication worked toward their fruition. 
There are so many things I haven’t done.

But maybe that’s one of the biggest reasons I still wake each dawn.
New purposes, consistent chances, 
and an Architect building it all with mortar and unyielding patience.

Maybe all the reality I need is His right hand on the small of my back. Steadying me. Maybe all the direction I need is the soft whisper of His voice in my ear – the tender leading of “this way lovely, I have something for you to see, to live…walk in it, my beloved.”

I need His real. I don’t ever want to settle for mine.

Let me hear what you have to say about REAL. Link up to Lisa-Jo, link up here as well if you’d like. Let’s listen to one another’s hearts, and encourage along the way. 

3 Comments on “What is Real, is True.”

  1. Hi Leigh,
    I'm almost hesitant to write how well I understand your thoughts, for I am further along in years, yet battling those same things. I posted behind you & I like to play by the rules, so I dropped in here. I applaud your courage to go on, go for Real. It's strangely difficult, isn't it?


  2. Krissi, I am beyond grateful that you did not let the hesitation win. Thank you not only for coming to see and read, but for sharing your understanding and opening that door to know that we do not tread alone – that we were built to relate to one another on a variety of levels. I believe that is Christ showing Himself in flesh, by revealing Himself through the members of the Body. So thank you for your words. It is a strangely difficult thing to sift through the naysaying masked as reality, and then to identify what is dust in the wind, and what is truth – bold and freedom-giving.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you again!


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