Perspective (5MF)

It’s that time of the week. Lisa-Jo reached out to the masses for inspiration last night. It worked! A few ladies had the great idea to muse on perspective. How apt. 🙂

So here we go. Link up to Lisa-Jo, read the words of other wonderful ladies, pass along some encouragement, and share your own thoughts. We love to hear it.

5 minutes. No stopping. Free-flowing syllables.


I’m tired of trusting the same perspective. I’m ill with the view I get, the characteristics I see. I’m beaten down with the impossible standards, the counting of mistakes, the lists of reasons why being near me is too difficult.

    You see, the perspective I’m subscribing to…it isn’t my friends, it isn’t sweet family, it certainly isn’t the Potter’s vision.

I’m looking through lenses of lies. 

I’m looking through eyes of judgement, of those who don’t even know who I am – who I’m meant to be. I see snap judgements and wear them like sweaters in July. They are heavy, unnecessary, frivolous. And they aren’t even REAL.
    To be fair, I cannot hold the people themselves responsible. Even if they are ones I want to trust, ones I want to get to know me. Because they are just people themselves. The truth is, even dear friends, even that sweet family, they will hurt me and see the other side of me too often. I’ll hurt them too. We’re fallible, fallen creatures simply trying to grapple at the same fraying rope of “getting by”.
We are meant for so much more.
          And so my musings on perspective are ones battle-minded. I want to throw off that which hinders: the imperfect opinions of mortals like myself. I want to run with the endurance only granted by the living Spirit, this race that IS marked for me. I want to see through the eyes of sacrifice, not sin. 
I’m trading shame for glory. Opinion for truth.
God grant me Your view.
*This is one of those topics that no amount of constricted time could allow for all I wish to say.  That’s the beauty of these prompts. They should always leave your mind and heart surging with more insight, more clarity. Happy Friday – I know I’m in for a great set of lenses today. 

2 Comments on “Perspective (5MF)”

  1. Thank you Jennifer!! Welcome! 🙂 Can't wait to head over to your blog this afternoon after work and see the wonderful insight you have on such a weighted topic. I appreciate you!


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