Sound Therapy

Music is a poetic enigma that continually keeps my heart in my throat…in the most terrific way imaginable.

    It is rhythm, measure, beat, lyric – it is loveliness.

I incessantly ache for new discoveries, new songwriters, new genres – for this medium of art fights for the top in its ability to invoke emotion and replace negativity with pure catharsis.

Honestly, each facet of fine arts (dancing, art, theater, poetry) possess this power over my life in an incandescently beautiful way. Yet in an instant, can a melody and harmony surge into my heart and mind and clear a path directly to my core. It grabs my attention and demands my focus.

I honestly enjoy a miscellany of musical genres. It’s humorous actually, because on the same plane, I relish folk as well as rap; classical as well as rock. The list is bountiful, with the only omissions being hard-core (screaming) punk/rock, or super-vulgar lyrics. I love the beat and poetry of rap, for example, but if it’s too crass, I can’t take it. Radio edits are often my friend, and I am firm believer that one can get the desired message across without having to demon-scream or give an index of endless profanity. In fact, to do so (to find a creative way to convey content), garners much greater respect from me to an artist, than the shock-value attempts most other (and in my opinion, more lazy) practicers give.

Lyric is sound therapy. It often takes my breath away with the accuracy of needing to feel that instrument’s vibrations or absorb the orchestrated words and thoughts. On more than one occasion, I know God has used music to shake my senses awake. He communicates so often through this vehicle, I am floored and appreciative of such an interchange of disclosure.

     Do you have a similar experience with a way you are connected? What is a form of soulful therapy for you? I’d love to hear how others draw in peace, understanding. I know there are so many ways we can gather a better sense of ourselves or our surroundings. I believe God is an enormously creative God! It’s one of my favorite characteristics about Him – His ability to transform the basest of facts or knowledge into a metamorphosis of phenomenal pulchritude.

 Please share, so that we can all discover new ways to arrive at engaging comprehension. And may you relish in your own therapeutic delights today!

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