Fluctuations of a Path

I think Lisa-Jo is clairvoyant sometimes.
I mean honestly, how does she KNOW the exact word sometimes to knock you back – speaking shards of relevance into your current situation?

Well, I know she’s not a psychic, but I’m thankful for how she is just given precise wisdom sometimes, because it’s days like this: Fridays, where 5 minutes is all you need for the release of toxins and the inhale of revelations.

It’s time. Here I go. (Don’t forget to join me…)



You would think I have a million things to say about this.

             Perhaps I do. Yet I don’t necessarily need a million words when a few will do.

Bends. Breaks. Narrow. Directionally spastic.

   I could probably go on.

I had a thought of a few months (6-12) where
I would be here. Then, God willing, I would move on.
                           God has willed. I am moving much, much sooner than I thought.
Houses sell. Decisions scream to be made. Timelines screech, demanding, into your mind.
When? How? What now?
I don’t know!

But surprise, enemy of mine. I don’t have to have all the answers. Not in order to step, do I have to know the end of the path. I know you’re lurking. I know you send obstacles. I know you twist in vines to entrap my heart, my mind in the tangles of fear.
But God.
He called me out on this path. He called me into the woods before.
With complete control and intention for me.
He knows you’re treacherous.
But He’s victorious.
And He is mine.
I am His.
So whatever soil this path is created with,
my feet tread on holy ground.
Fear is not my leader.
Opinion and doubt are not my traveling companions. I want no part of their company.
My compass is a cross.
My guide emerged from an empty tomb.
My life – no matter what it looks like, how or when it changes – is paid for.
Penned in blood. Sealed with everlasting love.
I am written, as are all my days, on His arms.
And that, even without knowing the end of the path, is worth every step I take.
I choose to walk. 




12 Comments on “Fluctuations of a Path”

  1. Pst, you're my featured five minute friday post this week 🙂 LOVED this – fantastic pulling us into your mental wanderings. Thanks for joining! You're featured in my side bar this week – welcome!

    Warmest of wishes


  2. Oh my…Lisa-Jo you just brought a huge, humble, thankful smile to my face! I sat, mouth flung open when I saw your comment.

    Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement and for finding my little post and reminding me that others can relate to what God is giving us (even me) in our seasons.

    We are meant to share, spread, nod in agreement and learn from one another and from how He swishes His beautiful Spirit in our lives. I am honored. I am grateful. And most importantly, I am constantly learning. Thank you for your prompts which bring me back to my home – writing – the catharsis of discovery.

    I don't know what else to say. You've given me the biggest smile. 🙂


  3. Eileen, thank you so much for coming by. It means a great deal to me. Yet even more, I celebrate your choice to walk as well. It's one of the biggest choices we can make in a day. And we meet the decision again and again. I am so happy you are walking as well. That, indeed, is beautiful.


  4. Stunning post on the prompt “path.” You've given us lots to think about and ponder as we meander down our own paths. Congrats on being the sidebar pick of the week!


  5. Oh, oh…you are sweet! Thank you Mindy. I am floored that I was chosen. Ever get that awareness when you write? As if you think “well this one didn't feel very special today, but it was writing, so I'm happy at least in that?”…and then out of nowhere – it resonates so strongly with your peers – your fellow members of this grand Body, and you are taken aback by the resounding “YES! I completely get what your insides are saying.” To say I am honored and humbled is a broken record of true but incomplete emotions.
    Thank you for coming by. My gratitude at the unbelievable gift that Lisa-Jo picked this small post to highlight. My thankfulness that God uses every moment to teach me more about Him, and more about what fellowship really looks like.


  6. Sherrey – Thank you, thank you for your comment and the time you took to drop in. I am touched by your words and how you can relate. Truly. Thank you as well, it was quite a surprising honor! Can't wait to see who's next. 🙂


  7. That was one worthwhile delicious bit to read! I too choose to walk now…no need to hurry….no need to run. Thanks for the reminder that we choose our “traveling companions”…I needed that most of all.


  8. I so badly need to be reminded of choosing wisely those that “travel” with me. It's good to know I'm not alone in that! Thank you so much for your generous words. 🙂 I LOVE how you give insight to not needing to hurry or run through whatever is on our path. Such a valid truth!


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