Free-falling into Risk

Words cannot describe my complete surprise and full joy by Lisa-Jo picking my tiny blog out of hundreds for her 5 Minute Friday feature of the week last week.
I saw the email of her comment and my mouth literally fell open in astonishment baked with pure happiness. What a wonderful gift, this icing on the cake as Lisa-Jo puts it. Supporting one another even more in a burst of resonance and understanding at the power of words.

So to say thank you, doesn’t begin to cover it. Yet I cannot wait until tomorrow to celebrate how our Father is speaking through other sisters in Christ. I’ll be looking for the lucky lady in the featured section. Won’t you? Be sure to take some time and support each other. Some days in particular, you never know, it could just mean the world.

So here we are – a new week, a new stream of consciousness. Today’s 5 minute Friday – RISK.


Setting myself up to be hurt again.
     Stepping out into continued change.
          Speaking thoughts into listened space and bolstering myself 
              for whatever response might come.

There are many ways to risk. Many ways to live in trepidation of choice. Of being who I am. Of knowing that there will be times, far more than one, where being me isn’t good enough.

We are never guaranteed commiseration from other people. We’re not promised understanding from either friends or strangers. When we decide to open ourselves up out into the wide open, rushing wind of speculation — we are signing a waiver (whether we admit it or not). A waiver of admittance that there is a grand likelihood that things we do or say may not blow over in a welcome ease. There may be choppy, tumultuous waves in the wake of our personalities, choices, lifestyles or actions.

But listen to me, O my soul. 
Listen, O my sister.
As long as your moments are grounded in the bedrock of THE Rock,
you will not have to explain any of your attempts to be you.
Think about that. 
    Swallow the realness of what risk can bring. 
        But inhale the reward of it as well. 

Oh my, oh my. This was hard to stop. 
Mmmmm, there is so much more to chew on here. 
Will you help me if you have the time? What are your thoughts to the risk of living amidst imperfect people? 
We’ve all had them. Experiences. More than we’d like to remember. Though some, sublimely sweet – others, prickly harsh. There is learning in the pain, just as there is learning in the joy. Try not to forget that, and I’ll try too. 
Oh sisters, what are your thoughts?

16 Comments on “Free-falling into Risk”

  1. You are a wonderful writer!
    I think that to be ourselves is the biggest risk. Without pretensions, or compromise.
    But still love lots of love that others are in these choppy waters with us. And we all need to be gentle and tolerant of one another to stay afloat 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for the reminder that my identity needs to be placed firmly on the rock, not on others' reactions to me. In the world of blogging and stats it's so easy to let more 'choppy and tumultuous' things determine this!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Yes! When we stand firmly on THE Rock then all is good. Others (or my own) thoughts and ideas of what is perfect don't matter. In Him I am wholly and completely loved and accepted. Beautiful, thought-provoking post. Thank you!


  4. Tracey, thank you very much!! What a generous compliment. Heading over to your blog now! (p.s. How exciting that you live in the Netherlands! Do you love it?)


  5. Good morning SuzyQ! You are benevolent in your words. 🙂 I love what insight you provided “still love lots of love”. Oh how weighted that statement is! Perfectly said! Thank you so much for providing your thoughts on such a deeply felt topic. I am thankful for you.


  6. Tanya, you are SO right! How completely easy it is to fall into the reactions of others. Oh don't I know it sister! Thank you for coming by and sharing your words. It truly means so much. I hope you have a day filled with the understanding of how valued and loved you are by the Potter who fashioned you in love.


  7. Erin, oh so true, so true! They don't matter. You are completely accepted, and beyond that: sought after in fervent love. You are fought for, daily. There is a warrior winning your heart, never tiring of fighting for you. You already have freedom, every day is closer to perfection in Him. Thank you for coming by! Keep believing truths sister. 🙂


  8. Oh to open our heart up to the world and live unabashedly for Him…He showed us what that looks like. What that kind of love is capable of. and when you look at it from love's perspective, the risk becomes a non-issue. Don't you think? and still I cower some days…

    Beautiful write — and so was your last one! I am loving this new feature of Lisa-Jo's so I knew to stop by and meet you. Loved my visit here!


  9. thank you for stopping by my blog and your thoughtful words. i love how you say that going forward and stepping out means, yes, we accept the difficulties and the joys and the not knowing how it will all end up. And yet, we must. Thank you for this.


  10. You are a delight Nikki. How blessed I am that you stopped by. It truly means so much to me. God is certainly using encouragement to bolster me today against an unsteady bought. I am so very thankful for your kind words. I LOVE how you put it “when you look at it from love's perspective, the risk becomes a non-issue” because love's perspective is Christ's love – which is perfect, pure and sacrificial – NOT “people's” love, which is incomplete and full of flaws. Oh how perfect, thank you SO SO much.

    You have given me a sweet gift and I hope you are blessed today in bountiful ways as well. And, yes – I am floored by Lisa-Jo's new feature; to be a part of it is stunning. I cannot wait for the next one and the ones to come, that I might encourage more daily, seeking to carry out the Body's ability to live in unity.

    Have a wonderful week Nikki!


  11. You are so welcome! It was a sincere pleasure to read what was on your heart this week! And thank you. Oh how we must – and oh how so hard that is sometimes (yet it is not meant to be). 🙂 Have a wonderful day.


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