Creativity Causes

What sparks your creativity?
       a   place
           an   event

                 a   song,   poem,   picture…

I’m sure the answer is different, to some amount of degree or another, from one person to the next.

That is the comeliness of creativity – it bestows its wares without restraint of typicality.

  • A pattern of freshly cut grass
  • The dance of windblown leaves
  • A lyric to a song which bolds itself in your mind’s eye
  • A stranger’s gracefulness
  • A coffeeshop, somehow bustling and quiet simultaneously 
  • The words of another – igniting your own sentences of thought
  • A photograph
  • A couplet, a stanza
  • [fill in the blank]

There is a surplus of origins.

        The beauty of my thankful state is that I experience copious amounts of promptitudes. The instigator of creativity Himself, endued me with this passion for artistry of various forms.

Reading, Allegory, Poetry, Writing, Theater, Dance, Song, Lyric, Painting…
The list persists.
What I know to be true of myself: if I am not creating in some way,
if I am not noticing inspiration’s beckoning,
if I am unopened in eyes, 
untuned in ear,
then I am incomplete – lacking in the simple movement of progress itself.
I become stunted.
Stagnant. Tepid in patheoginicity. 
        And so I ache for movement. Of any kind. In any direction. For even if it is backward a few steps, it is a chance to learn. A chance to gather footing and an opportunity to recalibrate to my Compass who moves me every which way – ultimately bringing me closer to the folds of His arms. 
Sideways, forward…take me anywhere. It cannot change my destination’s end. And so the trek is ever-laden with adventure. Pregnant in promise and seeped in spontaneity. I thrive on such. And after all, to thrive in any measure is my desire. 
What is creativity to you? What food does it give to your malnourished soul?
Speak, for we learn by telling our stories to one another. We grow in the company of others. It is the beautiful truth of fellowship. Defined not by zip codes, ages, nor even similar experience. 
It is the wisdom hidden in every person that enlightens our days to His beauty indwelling. 

4 Comments on “Creativity Causes”

  1. Wow. First of all, I think I had my dose of new vocabulary for the month there. Great use of words! I love the way you formatted the post. It was beautiful just to look at!

    I've never considered myself creative. But I suppose writing is a form of creativity. My inspiration usually comes from some event in life or whatever the Lord is teaching me in that moment.

    Mary Beth @newlifesteward


  2. Oh Mary Beth you are creative! For writing is a raw form of creating, and doing so in a way unique to who you are. You can confidently identify yourself as creative. That's the beauty, creativity isn't narrowed or held down by one type of finished product. It is ever-changing, constantly redefined. 🙂

    Thank you for your sweet words! I am blessed by your visit, and thoroughly enjoyed your own post today!! It's a pleasure to “meet” you! I love the benefits of this writing comradery. Extends beyond state and national lines. 🙂


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