I saw a man on the side of the highway.

I drive, returning from a task needed, from a blessing given.

It’s early.
    Coffee carafe in holder,
        radio soothing lyrical alarm-call,
            unshowered / newly-woken / hat-wearing me,
               smiling at the weather, the blue skies, the delicate clouds.

And then I see this man.

   He wears no vest. He is no city worker. He is no prisoner on mandatory duty.

He is simply a volunteer.
A citizen of his space.
And he’s walking the grassy medians of a dangerous road full of distracted, carless others…and he’s picking up trash.

    Stick.       Bag.       Heart of a servant.

I smiled. I knew “this is my 5 minute. But more, this is my example.

 To go beyond.
To serve without regard for details.
To do the undesired.
To better my surroundings.
To involve myself in the beauty of my spaces.
Yes, this may be my temporary home. 
    But to go further,
          dig deeper,
               passionately pursue the calling to LIVE fully,
this is beyond. 
This is worship.
And it has many faces.
It’s that time again. Link up, share your mind’s eye, your heart’s perspective.
Support each other.
Grow, bloom, more fully with each passing story.

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