Peer-Advice (A call for opinion)

Peers of plenty,
    fellow seekers of insight,
                followers of His will
                pursuers of Kingdom-living
                creative-hungry sisters (and brothers)…

I need your help.

This is a call for your expertise, your experiences of all kinds, your trial and error, your successful finds, your wisdom.
I am desperately seeking a blogging facelift. 
     If you, or anyone you know, is a satisfied recipient of a lovely “online home”, you can be a tremendous saving grace. 
I am saving for just the right time, and just the right artist to finally make over my writing home. It’s been a persistent dream of mine for some time now. I’ve been window-shopping in the past. Discouraged NOT by the amount of talented visionaries, but by my own lack of financial leeway to make it happen. However, it keeps inching its way into my mind, and I think I should stop the fear, continue the prayer, and possibly recognize that He’s trying to push me into a way He has prepared for me.
Not just in the cosmetic of this site, but as one step of many where He’s asking my faithful follow. For I know He has plans for me (Jer 29:11). I know He is the maker of all good and beautiful (James 1:7). I know His way is perfect (Psalm 18:30). 
    So I come to you. To your friends. To anyone who has a voice and an opinion on quality leads. 
Who do you use?
What have you found that draws not only others, but yourself?
Good experiences? Even bad?
Advice on layout? Structure?
I’ll take it all. 
   I truly think He will provide the community to help me in my endeavor, and that He will make a way for the Way He desires. That is my peace, my praise-giving, full of awe, heart.
So type away fellow members of the Body. And feel free to spread the word that a girl is in need of some opinion and advice. 
Fully indebted and increasingly excited, I thank you!

4 Comments on “Peer-Advice (A call for opinion)”

  1. Thank you Deidra!! I will look at Amy's site, and revisit yours (usually I get to stay update through my homepage subscription list. I need to stop back by and get a visual. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help me here!


  2. Ok, well I am finally sitting down to do this and I cant find your email address. I'll try to be breif, and to the point. Deidra makes an excellent point. Your blog must reflect you, if you want to enjoy the journey. The cloors you love, textures, images, all of these things say something about you. Make a color pallate and work from there. Think about what style of art moves you. And yes, Amy Lynn Andrews has SO many fabulous tips and tricks.
    I was blessed to win a business card design by Tekeme studios and George there di an increadible job, but normally, these things do cost. I recomend going self hosted, because it allows for more design flexability. Really this is a whole long conversation all wrapped up in one little comment box. If you want to email me specific questions, i will try to answer them as best I can (kris(at)alwaysalleluia(dot)com) . Bottom line, what Deidra said. Your design is the first impression you will make on yor visitors. It should be clean, easy to navigate and honest. 😉


  3. Thank you SO much Kris…this is GREAT advice. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to helping me. I'll be sure and send you an email if I have further questions! Which I'm sure I will. 😉


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