The Honor in Review

I’m pretty excited!

    My first book arrived from Tyndale House Publishers…
I’m now officially beginning my new task as a Tyndale review blogger!

       It’s nothing major by many standards. There is no pay involved, no infamy. But none of that matters to me. I get to review books! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s not quite editing (which is a dream of mine, and something – by the grace of God – I’ve been able to do through freelancing work over the past few years), but it’s a joy to me.

Anyone can do it! I can’t be selfish with it – if you love reading (even writing), jump on this wagon.

    I’m particularly delighted at the first book I get to review. It’s by Cathy Gohlke and this particular and newest book by Cathy touches on a very real and still very current threat in our world: human trafficking. She sets this story in 1910, yet I’m sure that it will transcend the time to be relevant in the horrific reality of a current underworld of trafficking.

That’s all for now. I’ve not even cracked open the binding yet. Though I cannot wait!

My review is set for publish in September.
     It will be part of a blogging tour, with a set date for my review to release. I will use this blog address for the review, and link it up through Tyndale’s website as well as through Amazon. So if you’re curious or even the least bit interested in what one little gal thinks, if you think it might help you know if you’d like to read it yourself, then be sure to come back by in September! More details will follow. I just couldn’t contain my happiness at sharing this immediately.

       Overjoyed. Ready to get down to [quite enjoyable] business.

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