Idols of Discontent

I read a quote this morning from Lecrae, a Christian rap artist I went to college and church with years ago, who is truly a man after God. His reach keeps widening due to God’s leading. I love how he is being used for the Kingdom, and even more that he desires, with all his heart to point to the One who makes everything worth it – everything possible.

The quote is this:

If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.

Oh how this is true.

    I know all too well the emotional turmoil one can cause oneself from living for others’ stamps of “yes” and “worthy”.

We’re not built for that

      and once more, it is a nasty sin called “idolizing”.

Forging bronze statues of man-given opinion, authority, scale of success….it is dastardly destructive.

Emptying ourselves for the fill of others
will leak straight through, unable to quench, 
unable to hold onto one drop,
We were created for full.
And after we ushered in sin, we were left purposefully lacking.
A hole – wholly hollow.
     Shaped for exactly one lasting, fitted Peace.
               The Piece to our finished selves.
We             I                can be contented by no other. 
Thus, attempting satiation with anyone, anything, any rush – feeling – experience
           other than the cross-bearing, Spirit-giving, essence-fashioning Maker
                    is a trudging of discontented aimlessness.

You will never reach your intended destination
with a crooked compass to drive you.

So lay down your statues.
     At the foot of the mountain, SEE the radiance right in front of you. 
          With unveiled face, know the brilliance of glory is yours   –   yours to keep,      
                                                     and it is enormously brighter than any flicker
                                                     a human flame can make.

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