Having All

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”
II Corinthians 9:8, NIV ’84

    I saw this verse on one of my coffee mugs sitting on countertop.
I take this verse seriously – yet rarely do I let its full weight sink into the depths of crevices, membranes of all understanding. 
Last night, I made what seemed a small decision,
yet I have an inkling God wants me to know – 
even the seemingly small can affect the course of a life.

Even if that “life” is but a season.
    All choices, all actions, compile a practice – a personhood. 
I’ve prayed specifically that my time here, my presence in my place of work and in this city, be one of fruitfulness. One that brings light and glory to Whom I declare to serve. 
   Quite often, I let my idols arrange my choices, reactions, supposedly inconsequential decisions, even the shape of want.
I await fellowship, yet know to wait for substantial as well as temporal. To know the difference, and to resist the urge to group all in one place if its not meant to be. Making a hasty choice is another way of limiting what God may be trying to do. I know I will be called to physically act, to move my feet and arms, to tangibly take part in the plans He has for me. There is distinct and numerous times this is needed and necessary. Yet I too understand the value of waiting – of consulting Him and acknowledging when my physical act is to stand still and see Him move.  
     There is no rush. 
There is only incredible timing and beautiful discovery. 
I do not need to make fellowship happen by inserting myself into situations that I know aren’t best, to gain a hopeful end of community. This doesn’t discount the people involved – it does not mean I’m not meant to have a form of solidarity with them. It only means conceding that there could be more He is planning. There could be deeper waiting for me. 
      Where there will be fresh air, room to grow, an environment of uplift. Of newer heights instead of previously-tread declines. 
I felt Him approve.
“Well done daughter. Trust me. It’s ok. I will not leave you without.
I      know      what      &      who      you      need.
To traverse these days, look to me for the players of this stage.”
How I love Him.
How I lavish when I comprehend His voice above the rest.
     He equips me for every good work. He has promised it so. More than once. For all, for final.

2 Comments on “Having All”

  1. You always encourage my inner man Leah. Thank you for sharing your heart and for these scriptures that are sometimes the only thing we have to hold onto. There's great wisdom in here!


  2. Your words are generous and kind. Thank you Diana for them, and for your encouragement. His truth is nourishment to a starving soul. I have to remember that every time I let myself hunger for anything else, which cannot satisfy. Thank you again!


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