Change – 5 Minute Friday

It’s been a couple of weeks.

   I’m weakened, but I am saddened when I do not participate in these jewels of Friday.

Thus, here I am. Let’s see what He wants me to hear today…because whatever will come from my fingers today, will have nothing to do with me. It may not even make much sense. For I am fogged – but willing nonetheless, and funnily enough, if I were on point today, this word has particular significance with me. I know I would probably have tons to say. Perhaps it’s best this way for a reason.

So thank you for coming by ladies. I don’t know if I can convey what it means to see encouraging words and know that loving eyes are supporting me. I know that I have support unfailing, whether there are comments are not. THAT is not the importance. I reject the lie that I do not have supporters and cheerers through my seasons of life. I know the truth unequivocally. So I am armed with truth there, and enormously thankful for you who hold season passes to my cheering squad section. I sincerely could not traverse this life nor do so successfully without you. Without God’s sovereign inclusion of you.

Here we GO


    I truly believe I have copious experience with this little word with a grandiose meaning.

Change is a chameleon of happenstances.





The opportunities for change are truly endless.

 Nothing stays the same. Even if it may seem so. The underlying swirls and currents are constantly churning.

Here is my challenge for you: do not worry, do not stand against it.
                                          Let change wash over you and revel in the refreshment
                                          it can bring.

I am not naive. I know some change can sting with barbs of poison.
     Those I love have gone through change so  terrifying that I ache in the mere remembrance.

And I am not numb to the darkened losses or turns my own life can take.

     Yet I cannot help but rejoice in my clearer moments of understanding – for I see the jaw-dropping beauty that could not have been created without His hand kneading through that pain.

He makes beautiful things.

All   the   time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STOP.

   I am tired. I didn’t put much thinking into this today. But I want to participate. I want to write. I want to learn, to see, to keep active in this pursuit of ours.
      Ours.    Him + me.     Us.               There is always an us.

6 Comments on “Change – 5 Minute Friday”

  1. “Let change wash over you and revel in the refreshment it can bring.” Thank you for this post and more specifically for this line! It was exactly what I needed for this moment in my life.
    Blessings to you.


  2. Joy…thank you SO much for your words, for your twitter follow, and for coming by. You brightened my day. Especially knowing that in my “fogginess” of morning, these words resonated with someone else. That is terrific. Thank you so much.


  3. So so happy you came from FMF Julie! Thank you enormously. 🙂 Welcome. I hope you can find this as a place to get comfy, pull up a chair, and share in conversation and blessing.


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