Non-Clumsy Grace

So I attended my first Twitter party tonight.

In preparation for another 5 Minute Friday I saw that I could join up an hour or so before Lisa Jo releases the word for the week. Under #fmfparty, ladies gather around the screen, typing stories, encouragement, conversation across the character limit – supporting one another in unified outcry. It was enjoyable. And it is even possible that God used a thread there to drop a hint and possibly to grow a faith-challenged heart. Either way it goes, He is good all the time, and I adore nudges to recognize His fullness.

Without further musings or ado, here is this week’s word:


 On first thought, I could tread down a lane of clumsiness          which I am
                                                   or interactions with others             which experiences abound

But I think I cannot ignore my culpability in this topic.

To be teeming with grace.                 A command many times over in His word.

The Word became flesh that I would gain the power to control my flesh.
The grace bestowed on me is such that I would dispense without cease upon others. 

To be full of Him is to bask in the beauty of merciful splendor. It is not an unattainable attribute. On the contrary, it is birthed from the Spirit so eagerly indwelling in each of His. In me.

                Some may say otherwise out of generosity, but my heart can be dark.
                My grace withheld.
                My temper flaring, ever so “subtly” or not.

Yet I am called to temper my temperament.
I am called to lavish my grace because of His grace.

To be full, is risk spilling over. Making a beautiful mess of everything with that which can no longer be contained. A lovely kind of clumsy.

Such is my conviction today. His command for me.

    Spill over with such gentleness, that none can deny the loving Lord of all. in all. through all.
Alright. Come on over. So much to be shared. So much we want to hear from YOU.

27 Comments on “Non-Clumsy Grace”

  1. I love so many lines of this.. it reads like beautiful, inspired poetry. I will chose this line, “Spill over with such gentleness, that none can deny the loving Lord of all. in all. through all.”

    I love, love it! I am so glad we got to “interact” a bit on twitter. I was tempted to bow out tonight, for my own insecure reasons. I am glad I stayed 🙂 I am glad you stayed 🙂

    Blessings to you.


  2. Michele, I lay gratitude in many places, but mainly at His feet – because of His prompting Lisa-Jo to write as she does, with the ideas He gives her, I'm able to be introduced to women like you. Fellow sisters in this writing wrestle, obedience tracked life. He gave us passions for a reason – a fact I'm repeatedly becoming convicted of by His urging. He longs to use them in ways we cannot even depict ourselves, nor predict.
    Sister, all I can say is that your writing has opened my eyes. I am exceedingly thankful you come by and speak kindness into my heart and share your wisdom. I'm glad you stayed. I'm glad we write. I'm above all, glad we're loved without end by our Maker.


  3. It was such a treasure for me to “meet” you and share together tonight! I love how Five Minute Friday always brings me some of my favorite bloggers out there!

    You have such a depth in you that makes me want to pause and soak it in…the way the rhythms of His grace flow through you, from you….it's pretty special.

    Thank you for linking up…so I, for one, could be blessed….


  4. Good gracious….thank you Lindsey! I don't know what to say – your complimented generosity hushes me. Thank you so much. I had a great time chatting tonight with fellow members of a great Body. Thank you for it all. 🙂


  5. THis, right here:

    To be full, is risk spilling over. Making a beautiful mess of everything with that which can no longer be contained. A lovely kind of clumsy.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Love this. So thankful for you.


  6. I second everything Kris said! A lovely kind of clumsy….what a perfect definition of a beautiful mess. and new friend, I'm taking this with me to carry me through today. Thank you!

    So blessed you decided to join us last night! Hope to see you again soon? Hugs to you!


  7. Dear, dear Kris ~ Thank you for coming by. I'm sitting down now to bathe in the words of each of you and the direction “Graceful” took in your penned expressions. The greatest gift I've often experienced, is the shared heart of others. The shared wisdom, the experiences relived and retold that others would be uplifted. That is the living, breathing 1 Thess 5:11-22. For you, each of you sisters are diligently laboring and esteeming others along the way. I respect and admire that so much Kris. I think of our little community as Ephesians 4:15-16 models. Wearing the command with sobriety and honor.

    Thank you for enriching my heart each week. I praise Him for His goodness in “meeting” you and sharing in the gifts He's given you in writing and in faithfulness. Keep running the race. Keep up the good fight. He is shining through you ever-so-brightly.


  8. Nikki!!! I've got your blog pulled up and I can't WAIT to head over. I just wanted to stop and thank you greatly for your encouragement and welcome last night, and through this 5 Minute Friday journey. Hugs to you too this morning! You are a joy and I cannot wait to read what was laid on your heart. 🙂


  9. Yes, a lovely kind of clumsy…lavishing grace because of His grace…full and spilling over! Ahhh, I just love that! It was such a delight to meet you last night at #fmfparty. I'm so glad you put your name on the list. I was blessed last year with a providential last minute ticket to allume, and my life has been changed because of the relationships I found in that community. I'm praying for you that God will make a way! Then I can give you a big huge hug 🙂 Blessings to you, sweet Leigh!


  10. It's funny how Jacque, Kris, myself, and our friend Annie ALL got tickets last minute to Allume last year and somehow we all found each other and have stayed in touch {to some degree or another} in these communities all year. Leigh, I DO believe that if you are meant to be there….YOU WILL BE THERE!! I second all of what Jacque said…..{HUGS}


  11. Ladies….Jacque, Lindsey…thank you.

    I have a confession that sometimes I deny the immensity of His power. I KNOW He is all things and can do all things. But almost never, never let myself become hopeful in some SMALL things. Such as this. Lies will tell me “This is silly. Don't want this one thing too much. You don't know what you're meant to do, so back off a little. If it happens, it happens.” And while that latter part IS true, it is a TWISTING of truth itself. Because yes, if God wills it, it will come to be. The end. No additive of “so don't hope it”. That's blasphemy! That's declaring God foolish because I deem something not worthy to passionately pursue, or to persistently pray over. That goes directly against so much Scripture urging and even demanding that in EVERYTHING, by prayer and petition, to bring my requests (ALL of them) directly to God. As the persistent widow, implore myself hoarse. Because how can the Lord of all comfort who abounds in lovingkindness, not graciously give me all things?

    Oh…this is a whole post in and of itself.

    I'm just confessing fear sisters. Because finances is something I've never contained. It's stood (lack thereof) in the way my whole life. It's one of Satan's biggest disbelief/unfaithness buttons, and one of my King's consistent refining beauties to polish my trust in Him.

    The enemy says “even if someone gives up a ticket last minute, you know you can't afford its cost. Not even by half. Then what about the airfare? That's hundreds more. So yeah, you should drop this before you humiliate yourself. Or worse, before you get angry at God for not giving you something you think you deserve. I mean, isn't that what could happen?”….Ad nauseum….

    *sigh…well…this was more vulnerable than I meant here for the world to read. But then again, don't I believe transformative beauty lies in the sinews of vulnerability? Don't I encourage my brothers and sisters in this? So…ahhhh…there it is. Sisters, I don't know if the conference is where He wants me. I don't know if I can see past the worldly “rationale' and materialistic circumstances. But then again, maybe the conference attendance isn't His ultimate goal for the THIS year. Maybe it is to see Him. To let go of the pain and fear. To let loose the lies of the evil one. To combat with truth, and to rest secure in what I know to be true. So that for next time, I'm better suited, more on guard to receive all, and proclaim fact over fiction.


  12. Leigh, I stand with you, lifting up hands, trusting in His goodness, knowing He has such a good and amazing plan . . .and that He loves it when His children surrender and . . . ask. I, too, am so, so glad you got yourself on that waiting list. And we wait. And we trust. Your open heart astounds and humbles and encourages me. You help me see Him.


  13. Leigh, your words here are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. Wow. I love how you are so wide open vulnerable and true. It is powerful. I have to share this right now. {I hope to join the #FMF party earlier next time! That was so fun! :)} Bless you!


  14. Wow! What a powerful message … I especially like this line: “Making a beautiful mess of everything with that which can no longer be contained”
    A beautiful mess ….
    That is something I hope to create with trusting and sharing ….


  15. Thank you Jennifer. Oh so much! I cannot imagine how I could help anyone see anything…except I know it isn't me anyway. Taking myself out of the equation keeps my perspective on His sheer power, and keeps my ear away from the whispering pride-drill of the enemy.

    I am humbled by your encouragement. Truly. Thank you.


  16. Oh goodness…sharing? Wow, thank you. That frightens me and makes me speechlessly thankful – if that makes sense. Sometimes I don't make sense, so, you know. 😉 Can't wait till next week!


  17. Brooke, it was my first time too!!! I cannot believe I've never taken advantage of such a smorgasbord of fellowship. It was exquisite time spent. I can't wait for more. I am so grateful you chose to stop by. Thank you, thank you!!


  18. Dolly, I am so very blessed to have read the words on your blog. Loved them. Loved “seeing” you at the #fmfparty. I truly look forward to participating in that again. Thank you for your words here, they are a sweetness to my ears.


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