"Sweet Spirit Comfort Me"

Litany to the Holy Spirit
                                               In the hour of my distress,
                                               When temptations me oppress,
                                               And when I my sins confess,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
                                              When I lie within my bed,
                                              Sick in heart and sick in head,
                                              And with doubts disquieted,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
                                              When the house doth sigh and weep,
                                              And the world is drown’d in sleep,
                                              Yet mine eyes the watch do keep,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
                                              When the passing-bell doth toll,
                                              And the furies, in a shoal,
                                              Come to fright my parting soul,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
                                              When the priest his last hath pray’d
                                              And I nod to what is said,
                                             ‘Cause my speech is now decay’d,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort, me.
                                              When, God knows, I’m toss’d about,
                                              Either with despair or doubt,
                                              Yet before the glass be out,
                                                      Sweet spirit, comfort me.
                                              When the Tempter me pursu’th
                                              With the sins of all my youth,
                                              And all terrors me surprise,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
                                              When the judgment is reveal’d,
                                              And that open’d which was seal’d.
                                              When to Thee I have appeal’d,
                                                     Sweet Spirit, comfort me.
 Herrick’s poem is in a collection I purchased years ago: Poems of Faith. I cherish this small collection, for it quenches my poetic hunger from time to time, and it displays such beautiful expressions of worship, I am often awe-struck. 
This poem came back to me this morning. Echoing thoughts I’d yet to coalesce. The closeness of the Spirit is so often something I take for granted. His unabated indwelling is not dependent upon my attention span, nor my good deeds and choices. He remains – as strong as ever, simply because I am His. Never does He withhold His comfort, His nearness from me – even though I fail and wander so often. I distract myself and ignore Him, behaving like a spurning shrew. I remember whose I am and repent, yet banish myself under guilt and sorrow. But God – the Father, Son and Comforter-Spirit – prevails and preserves my mind, body, heart, soul. I am not punished. 
                                                 I am forgiven. 
Oh that I would live as one constantly in remembrance of His graces. Forever dripping praise and thanksgiving from my lips. That my gaze would never be thwarted, instead transfixed solely on His splendor. 
    This is my prayer. That such would be true of me. That my life would be an advertisement to His mercy and sacrificial love. That all which would come forth from me would perpetually reverberate His song of redemption. 
May it be so, my Love.

Appreciation to Tim Daniels for photo credit.

4 Comments on “"Sweet Spirit Comfort Me"”

  1. Sweet Leigh, I am sharing your blog today with my sweet niece who is in need of the Spirit right now. Thank you for writing this. Donnave


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