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    I want to be.

I know openness is the precursor to growth. Such awe can be found in experiences where I throw off my hinderance of fear. That cloak that whispers protection when in truth it is a suffocating blanket of weighted lies.

Bare is letting go of terror that stalks and yearnings of acceptance and contortions of self to fit inside boxes others create for you. Even those we love prepare four walls to define us. Whether they mean to or not, we are human. We have finite minds and favor explanations that keep our minds at ease about this world, about ourselves, about the ones we’ve let into our lives. 

It feels safer to be able to categorize what we know. Dependability. Stable. Predictable.

Except we’re always changing. I am a firm believer that people do change and can change but must change for only One reason and by one One guide. 

In those hands I am truly safe. To be the barest naked of my soul. Paltry layers are no match for His love. I can build ironclad fortresses around my timid heart to stop the pain of rejection, abandonment, the disappointed looks from ones whose boxes I’ve seeped out of. Yet no gates of steel, no surging waters, no boiling lava of defenses will nor are able to stop my Conquering Warrior from laying siege on my heart and placing His name on my land mines of soil. Naming me new and declaring me worthy of harvest. 

  I want growth. I ache for it. As skilled an architect I am of walls and boxes of my own designing, I yearn for open fields over cubic feet. 

I am a daughter of a King who has splendor in bareness. I see the lilies of the field and marvel. How I long to lay beside them in cool breezes and warmth of Son. How He tells me I am treasured even more than they and how I cannot conceive that more beauty can lie in anything else but delicate grace. 

4 Comments on “Bare”

  1. Dear Leigh,
    You are beautiful in His eyes, and you are beautiful in how you search and ache for Him…I hope/pray you may believe it and feel it deep in your soul. My post was about how even when we are bare, we are not barren. And I have been feeling bare and stripped lately, but HE comes ever so gently and reminds me I am not alone. May we both become only what He designed us to be 🙂

    Hugs to you,


  2. I empty here in the presence of your words and invitations to rest in nothing short of His love. I haven't even read your post yet and merely the topic is a blessing immense to me. “Even when we are bare we are not barren.” Oh Dolly….oh how that lullabies a restless spirit within. I am empty and thankful for filling such as this. His truth. Your obedience to speak it. Thank you. I call you friend in full truth and gratitude.


  3. Hello Jennifer!! 🙂 Big smiles over here seeing your sweet picture and kind words. Thank you so very much for your encouragement! It truly means so much.


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