With Newborn Eyes

There’s a whisper to morning.

                   A bade of hither, still, rest.

A serenade assuring things do not have to focus just yet.     Awake slowly.     Savor the process of rouse.

Allow every sense to be sight.      In this you may better see.

From birth, vision’s crispness is absent – eyes taking weeks to decipher shape and detail. I wonder, is it for the sake of glory that the finite takes time to see? A new soul, shaped into skin by a Craftsman, sees His brilliance still truer than the foreignness of the world?           A lovely thought…

For if there is truth to such theory – why would I ever want my still-newborn eyes to focus on anything else?
Yes, there is so much beauty adorned to this life by a generous Fashioner of all that takes breath away in awe and splendor. Yet can even the most glorious sunrise compare to the face of a Savior? His Father? The breath of Spirit dwelling?

He calls me beloved yet how can I hold anything more dear than He that names me?

Only One that truly loves can define the word.
It has taken me thirty years to begin to grasp.     By grace, fifty more years may still produce lack of knowing.
Yet I will ask every day that my eyes be blurry to the shapes of this world. Even the sights these eyes have beheld which have stopped my beating heart and transfixed my untamed attentions – for no jagged mountain’s form, no lavender skies of waking, no golden horizons of dusk, no cerulean tides of ocean can compare to a moment of Glory passing through clefts of rock as the back of Holy glides by. 
Give me blindness in exchange for brilliance. 

That would hold my heart in realization to know what it is to be loved.
To seek His face and be found in the fold of His garments. Weeping in joy that He is mine and I am His.
To be loved.
Transformed and treasured.
By the I Am;    i am truly beloved.
All pictures are original, taken 2010 in Lowell, MA.

*I beg forgiveness ladies. I broke an important rule. I went over 5 minutes. I sheepishly ask your pardon. I did not edit at least! 🙂 But this heart needed some space today. I know there is understanding among you, I just could not pretend nor mislead that today I played by all the stipulations. It took some rule breaking, but it is the beginning of such understanding for me, I allowed the risk for reward. 

Now, won’t you join me? Join us at the couch of Lisa-Jo. Share your hearts. Drink of fellowship. Link up and be loved in ways you didn’t know could span the miles and new-found friendships. Everyone is welcome. Truly and without hesitation. We find encouragement in one another’s words. 

4 Comments on “With Newborn Eyes”

  1. Hi Leigh! You were linked up before me 🙂 Great post! Wow, it was like I could feel what you were feeling as you woke up. Wonderful writing. I also love the pictures. So beautiful and calm! I hope you have a great weekend!


  2. Sarah, thank you so very much for stopping by! 🙂 I so appreciate you and I'm so glad you could feel it too! That makes me thankful. Heading over to your site too for a visit!


  3. Dear Leigh,

    Your words were so peaceful, even as I could sense your yearning to see more of Him…so beautiful…yes, to blindness to the things of this world so we might see more of His brilliant love…Praying you may know how Beloved you are to Him…hugs 🙂


  4. I could always use prayers on my eyesight and my remembrance that my weakness brings opportunities for His complete strength.
    Thank you Dolly. Always.


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