Inspirations of Praise

Amen Lisa-Jo. I cheated and flipped my DayBrighter calendar over last night. Saw these words and smiled. 
I am ever-grateful – indebted – for the glorious wisdom I receive through friends, contemporaries of an art form I’ve loved since memory, strangers, poets, preachers, past and present…there is so much to learn from one another through the guidance of The Spirit it astounds me continually. 
This morning, I wanted to reflect on such inspiration. To share some of the language I’ve absorbed over these past few days during Lent. My reason for sharing is that you may be lifted as I was. Even more if it be possible. That you grasp the height, depth, scope of His adoration of you and His fervent passion to grow you into an image reflecting His glory. Every day is an opportunity to pass through the fires of refinement – not that you be scorched and weary from the heat – no child! – but that you stand within and pass through feeling the goodness of His protection. He stands with you in that fire love. And when you both emerge, you are radiant with His imperishable worth. And your faith abounds all the more – which holds more value than any treasure you can dream. Literally. 
My prayer for you is that you take hold of these words, relate and learn, process and discover, learn more of who you are because you learn more of who He is. 

“Comfort in Extremity”
by Christopher Harvey

Alas! my Lord is going,
                  Oh my woe!
It will be mine undoing;
                  If he go
I’ll run and overtake him:
                  If he stay
I’ll cry aloud, and make him
                  Look this way
     O stay, my Lord, my love, ’tis I,
     Comfort me quickly, or I die.

Cheer up thy drooping spirits
                  I am here.
Mine all-sufficent merits
                 Shall appear
Before the throne of glory
                 In thy stead:
I’ll put into the story
                What I did,
     Lift up thine eyes, sad soul, and see
     Thy Saviour here. Lo, I am he.

Alas! shall I present 
                 My sinfulness
To thee? Thou wilt resent
                 The loathsomeness.

Be not afraid, I’ll take
                Thy sins on me,
And all my favor make
                To shine on thee.

Lord what thou’lt have me, thou must make me.

As I have made thee now, I take thee.
(*I had to bold the last line…this poem wrecked me so! Amazing grace!)

–but your life is not just about you–your life is about Christ in you–about the work He can do through you, when you yield to His will.

Top: Zechariah 8:21-23 / Middle: Zechariah 13:9 / Bottom: Zechariah 7:9-11
“Casting All Your Care upon God,
for He Careth for You
1 Peter 5:7″
by Thomas Washbourne

Come heavy souls, oppressed that are,
With doubts, and fears, and carking care.
Lay all your burdens down and see
Where’s one that carried once a tree
Upon his back, and which is more, 
A heavier weight, your sins he bore.
Think then how easily he can
Your sorrows bear that’s God and Man;
Think too how willing he’s to take
Your care on him, who for your sake
Sweat bloody drops, prayed, fasted, cried,
Was bound, scourged, mocked, and crucified.
He that so much for you did do,
Will yet do more, and care for you.

“I have learned that once you acquire the truth, you are then responsible for action.”  ~ Kris Camealy

“Help us to receive fully and believe in our belovedness.”      ~ Dolly, at Soul Stops

“Make us of one heart and mind
Courteous, pitiful, and kind
Lowly, meek, in thought and word
Altogether like our Lord

Let us for each other care
Each another’s burdens bear
To thy church the pattern give
Show how true believers live.”
~ Charles Wesley
(portions from his poem “Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee”)
There is so much more – but it could go for days. 
These are mere skimmings at my heart’s enrichment. Song, story, members of the Body lifting high in worship. I add my awe and praise each day – as He reveals more of Himself to me. 
Happy Wednesday everyone. 1st week of Lent has come. Let us continue down this road of humble thanksgiving.

2 Comments on “Inspirations of Praise”

  1. Sweet Leigh,
    Thank you for blessing us with how God is wooing you and calling you His Beloved, and how you are responding to Him in love…what a gift to see how you are dancing with Him…truly lovely, my friend 🙂


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